The Kochava Collective is the world’s largest mobile data marketplace.
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The Reach of Television, with the Addressability of Digital

The Kochava Collective brings top Publishers and savvy Advertisers together for the most efficient audience targeting in the mobile industry. Here are some highlights:

  • Access to more than 700M unique device IDs, and growing daily
  • Tap into new revenue with custom-tailored audiences
  • Reach ideal target audiences across a mix of media partners
  • Publishers monetize their inventory by enriching device data and connecting to advertisers’ desired audiences
  • Clear and direct communication—allows advertisers to contract with you directly
  • Enrich and extend your audience to sell premium inventory
  • Leverage rich advertiser data for enhanced targeting against your supply

How it Works

Advertisers create segments by querying the hundreds of millions of devices within the Kochava Collective and its robust data model. These segments are then matched to the Kochava Collective media sources with the best recency and frequency data for each device.
How Kochava Collective works

Matching Audiences for Advertisers

The Kochava Collective matches audiences for advertisers

Target the Right Audience

1. Create Custom Audiences Based on Broad User Profiles

Kochava Collective Protects Your Data

2. Select a High-Value Seed Audience for Amplification

Kochava Collective Seed Audiences

3. Turn Your Best Users Into a Lookalike Seed

The Kochava Data Science team creates a lookalike seed audience based on your highest-value segment. Export this lookalike segment to Facebook for amplification and targeting.

Reaching Users Through New Channels

User segments are shared into advertisers’ accounts.
Reach new users through the Kochava Collective

Leverage the Kochava Collective Data Model

You have access to more contextual data about each user through the Kochava Collective.
Define your segment by a comprehensive selection of criteria.
The Kochava Collective model includes device, campaign, and app-level data.

Kochava Collective data model

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