The Kochava Collective is the world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform offering precise audience targeting capabilities across all major platforms, networks and DSPs. Our mobile data marketplace has more than 2.5 billion unique device profiles, with millions added daily. While Kochava customers have the advantage of a smooth, intuitive integration with the Kochava Collective, anyone can access the mobile audience platform to build custom audiences or generate lookalike audiences.

How it Works

The data available in the Kochava Collective includes both first- and third-party sources. First-party data is ingested directly from the Free App Analytics SDK which touches over 1 billion devices globally. Third-party sources include select mobile media networks, direct app and game publishing partners and other third-party data providers who are able to provide unique enrichment to the data set. All third-party data is put through a rigorous vetting process including comprehensive fraud review, metadata verification, and activation addressability verification prior to going into the Collective.

Kochava does not use any data from our enterprise customers. The Kochava Collective is entirely separate from the Unified Audience Platform where enterprise customers measure their campaign activity. Kochava does not share or license the data of their enterprise customers.

How it Works

Use the links below to navigate to the top audiences within the Kochava Collective.

Mobile Gamers

Music & Entertainment

Social, Communication & Dating

Travel & Weather



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Apps on Device

The Kochava Collective gives insight to marketers on the various apps present on devices which can be used to build audiences. There are more than 2 billion apps mapped on over 500 million devices in the platform. The device data is collected in the following ways:
  • Free App Analytics (FAA): Any device that downloads an app using FAA is mapped to having that app on their device.
  • FAA Impression & Click Tracking: FAA customers running campaigns may include site/app ID of publishers within their postbacks; data includes location of ad served which is mapped to the app bundle ID and app name on that device.
  • Device SDK Query: If a developer gets approval from the app stores and a user accepts the permissions on the initial launch, the Collective can query the device for other apps on it and map to it. The Collective identifies most of the top 10K apps in the app stores.
  • Partner Data: Contributing data partners who implement similar solutions as above enables the Collective to map app usage to a device ID. The Collective is then able to map back to the Collective Usage Graph.
(Note: Based on these collections methods, Apps on Device is heavily comprised of Android; these devices are also more prominent in the market.

In terms of in-app activity, FAA tracks the following post-install events:
  • Achievement
  • Ad View
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Checkout Start
  • Level Complete
  • Purchase
  • Rating
  • Registration Complete
  • Search
  • View

Simplifying Audience Creation

With the Kochava Collective self-serve user interface, it is easier than ever to build, manage, and activate your audiences. The Kochava Collective simplifies audience creation through Audience Explorer, Audience Builder, and Audience Manager tools where marketers can browse the most popular pre-packaged segments, create custom audiences based on a host of data elements and build lookalikes from their own seed files.

Audience Explorer

Browse the most popular curated segments built by data experts and supply partners from within the Kochava Collective. Audiences are searchable by category, geo, and activation partners. Admin or data supply partners control the visibility of who can view these pre-built audiences to ensure data is only being activated by the marketers of choice.

Audience Builder

Create custom audiences with our new self-serve user interface. Audience Builder gives marketers the power to define target audiences with rich criteria, including recently visited locations, application usage, audience interest and device details. As you filter the data, the estimated devices to target will be updated in real time, providing key attributes of that data to help inform marketing decisions.

Audience Manager

Marketers can access all the audiences they have created in one simplified view. Manage custom built, pre-packaged, and imported first party data right from the Audience Manager. From here, activate the audience with a partner or generate lookalike audiences from their own seed files. Once they’ve applied filters and suppression data, the Kochava Collective algorithm takes all the matched devices to their criteria and finds the most similar devices to meet their target audience size, which can then be delivered to the media platform of their choosing for activation.

A True Marketplace for Data Suppliers

The Kochava Collective enables data supply partners to monetize their inventory in a secure environment where they can control which advertisers have access to their data and the platforms where it can be activated. The Kochava Collective makes it easy and secure for data partners to upload pre-built segments or deliver their raw data via a real-time API feed or a daily S3 bulk uploader. All raw data submitted to the Collective gets vetted through Kochava’s industry-leading fraud solutions and then mapped against key data sets to help match lat/longs to POIs, user agents to device details, app bundle IDs to app store names, categories, and much more. This means that partners who make their data available in the Collective are able to not only monetize their segments, but also generate incremental revenue when their data elements are utilized for informing custom segment creation and lookalike modeled audiences. All delivered data is tracked in the data supply partner’s Kochava Collective dashboard where they can check on the health of their data feeds at anytime.

A White-labeled DMP for All

A premier feature of the Kochava Collective is the ability for advertisers, agencies, publishers, SSPs, DSPs and networks to give their customers and partners access to a white-label version of the mobile audience platform which can host their own unique data enriched by the broader Kochava Collective data set. This makes first-party data available privately where it can only be activated against a partner’s own media inventory, resulting in a complete solution for any large-scale mobile inventory owner or marketer who seeks to deliver a rich set of audience solutions for their digital advertising purposes.


Geographic Coverage


iOS – 45%

Android – 55%

Device Types

Smartphone – 75%

Tablet – 25%


Audience Composition

The Kochava Collective touts rich user data types, including frequency and recency, location (from over 100 countries), time spent in-app and app affinity, among other key audience traits. Utilize our standard segments or craft custom audiences unique to your campaign goals from a nearly infinite number of unique attributes. Use these audiences for conquesting, retargeting or lookalike modeling. Access audiences on Facebook, Snap, Twitter, leading mobile networks and the top DSPs, including The Trade Desk, Oath and Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. Below is a sampling of some of our most popular audience categories: Mobile Games, Music & Entertainment, Social Media, Communication & Dating, Travel & Weather and Lifestyle.

Mobile Games

These users like a quick challenge that only takes moments to conquer. They are the puzzle solvers, memory masters, card sharks, or gamblers. Or, they’re the culinary ninjas navigating through worlds of giant produce and desserts, cutting the rope, living in a virtual world. *The logos below are not representative of all the apps addressable in the segment.

Music & Entertainment

The Kochava Collective Entertainment and Music audiences are a mix of TV show bingers, YouTubers indulging in comedy skits, users meditating and sharing with digital coloring pages, or using filter apps like “Crazy Helium Booth Voice.” We’ve also have music streamers listening to online radio or the ones streaming video. Entertainment also includes Ebook readers, a large portion of whom are Bible readers. *The logos below are not representative of all the apps addressable in the segment.

Social Media, Communication & Dating

We have Pinners looking for inspiration and Facebookers weighing in about the latest trending topic. Then, there are the instant messengers obsessively checking their feeds, Instagrammers posting their artisan cappuccinos, or Snapchat users “snapping” their friends selfies with the latest filters. This audience also includes users looking to meet significant others on straight or gay dating apps. *The logos below are not representative of all the apps addressable in the segment.

Travel & Weather

These users are on-the go—they’re off on business or always planning a vacation in a new locale. These are the frequent flyers, the airline milers, hotel bookers and car renters, and they’re searching for places to visit and eat while away. We also have users and the locales they frequent who have weather apps. *The logos below are not representative of all the apps addressable in the segment.


Lifestyle audiences encompass users who frequent news, finance, and education apps and defines them based on their mobile activity. We have news readers with apps from all the major news sites plus numerous local stations from around the country. These users also regularly check finance apps for banking account balances, paying bills, or transferring funds on P2P payers like PayPal. *The logos below are not representative of all the apps addressable in the segment.

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