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Supercharge your advertising strategy with the Kochava Optimization Beacon. The next chapter in mobile measurement. With over 20,000 dynamic rules, 4 years of development, and 100,000 campaigns run, the Optimization Beacon® is your turn-key solution for campaign optimization.

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Optimize Any Categorical Data

The Optimization Beacon fits your needs with an improved data-driven, rule-based feedback loop. Direct response advertisers can optimize for lifetime value or a brand advertiser can optimize for visibility. With greater transparency advertisers spend more effectively which drives improvements in overall ROI. The Kochava Optimization Beacon ingests any and all data in real-time and provides optimized predictive responses for all things.

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The Optimization Beacon rules are specific to each campaign. This is how the optimization rules are able to account for the unique traffic offered by each network/publisher. This is crucial to the ensuring that the campaign optimization rules are specifically tailored to each traffic source.

Case Studies

TD Canada Trust

An Optimization Beacon enabled DSP competed head-to-head with the leading North American DSP in driving potential customers to TD’s website to open a new bank account and lower the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of $98 by 50%.


Within the 8-week campaign period, the CPA of a new bank account decreased from $98 to $5, measured on second click. Within days, Optimization Beacon enabled more than a 94% decrease in the cost of acquisition – 18% better than the leading North American DSP – by using the collected data to optimize the bidding process and find those customers most likely to respond.

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BMW Cananda

Drive potential car buyers to BMW’s new model microsite to increase awareness and engagement around next year’s new models.

ResultsThe campaign started with an interaction rate of 2% and a Cost per Interaction (CPI) of $58. Over the 10-week bidding campaign, our optimization engine managed to increase the interaction rate to 27% and decrease the CPI to $4. The response rate increased by 12x and the cost of interaction decreased by over 50%.

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