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Expect More From Your QR Codes

Leverage SmartLinks™ technology to maximize growth and customer engagement insights from your quick response (QR) code efforts.

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QR Code Applications

Display your QR Codes on all of your marketing channels

QSR packaging

CPG labelling

In-store and OOH signage

Store catalogs

Purchase receipts

TV direct response

KochavaDashboard QRCode

Gain quick response data from all of your campaigns with our QR code generator

Get in-depth analytics on your full customer journey.

Deep link consumers to mobile web experiences or in-app content.

Enrich mobile user profiles with QR engagement data.

And explore more benefits!

Power Direct Response on Your TV Ads

SmartLinks™ for TV Powered by Kochava

Illustration of QR code
Univision logo

Univision Powers Voter Engagement with SmartLinks™ for TV

Modern phones have QR code scanners built-in to their native camera apps—making it easier than ever for users to scan.

Illustration of smartphone scanning QR code on TV
Illustration of QR code on TV

Use SmartLinks™ for TV to create high resolution scannable overlays in your TV ad creatives, giving viewers a direct response mechanism on engaging calls to action.

Dynamically deep link users directly into your app or website, and measure every scan in real time, visualizing down-funnel conversions.

Illustration of QR code on smartphone

QR Codes & Your Marketing Strategy

Get the most out of your QR code campaigns with creative applications and key considerations.

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SmartLinks™ for TV Highlights


Built-In Platform Detection
Viewer devices are auto-recognized, ensuring dynamic routing to the appropriate application or app store for download.


Dynamic Deep Linking
Connect consumers with personalized in-app experiences, ensuring friction-free journeys to the desired conversion event.

Kochava SmartLinks QR code and a laptop.

Real-Time Analytics
Instantly visualize campaign performance and see every scan in real-time across our enterprise analytics suite.

How it Works


Create your SmartLink and enter a destination for viewers to go based on their device, location, and other filters. Dynamically deep link viewers directly into your app, or any website.


Save & Output your hi-res SmartLink code and incorporate it into your TV ad. PRO TIP: Boost scan rates with enticing calls to action and special offers.


Analyze performance in real time as users scan the SmartLink with their mobile camera’s built-in QR code detector. Capture every scan and resulting down-funnel conversion at the device level.

Do More With SmartLinks™ for TV

Connect consumers to dynamic content

Reach performance goals more efficiently

Boost return on investment (ROI)

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