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A unified, privacy-first identity solution for digital advertising

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Digital advertising is transforming. The traditional, static identifiers used for transacting media buying and selling, ad targeting and addressability, and deterministic campaign measurement are disappearing.

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Why Static IDs Don’t Work in a Privacy-First World

•  Static IDs can be transacted without knowledge.
•  Static IDs lack a traceable history of consent.
•  Static IDs don’t facilitate permissions from the supplier.

A new unified identity solution is needed.

One that protects the consumer at the heart of advertising, while bridging both the demand and supply side of the ad ecosystem.

The IdentityLocker™ Difference

Respecting Platform-Specific Opt-In Rules
Actor-Specific Identifiers Eliminating Re-Use
Time-Based Optional

iOS, Android, CTV/OTT, Console
and others

ID- or Context-Based
Flexible Support for Identifiers
Optional Support for Contextual Attributes as an Alternative to IDs

Identity is more than just an ID

IdentityLocker™ solves for the four primary functions of identity in digital advertising.

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How IdentityLocker™ Works

IdentityLocker enables demand-side and supply-side parties to onboard their own first-party audience data into a secure locker. Parties can then manage the permissions of user data within their locker through secure identity tokens. Identity tokens are resolved across parties leveraging the third-party identity graphs.

Strength in Partnership

Kochava is empowering extended audience addressability across LiveIntent’s massive cookie footprint.

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Use Secure Identity Tokens for:

Resolving User Identities Across Parties

Audience Merchandising & Discovery

Ad Targeting & Addressability

Campaign Measurement

& More

Be the first to learn how IdentityLocker™ can transform your consumer identity strategy in a privacy-first world. Initial trials are limited!

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