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Apple Search Ads Campaign Measurement and Optimization

As an Apple Search Ads (ASA) partner, Kochava is here to intelligently measure your ASA spend and provide you with informative campaign performance metrics.

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Your Single Source of Truth

Choosing Kochava as your ASA measurement partner means choosing a single source of truth for all of your marketing campaigns. Linking your ASA data with the Kochava omni-channel measurement platform provides valuable insights across:

  • Thousands of media partner integrations
  • Owned media channels
  • Connected devices & platforms
  • And beyond

See everything you can measure with Kochava.

Evaluate Your ASA Campaign Performance

Cross-partner measurement
Identify which ASA advertising partners resulted in the most installs to improve your ROAS.

Down funnel engagement
Understand exactly what keywords drove quality conversions to better optimize your keyword strategy.

Keyword-level results
Collect keyword-level data to intelligently determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Measure ASA spend
Measure your ASA spend and maximize ROAS with Kochava Cost aggregation tools.

Seamless Support of the AdServices Framework

Replacing iAD, the AdServices framework is used to provide attribution on your ASA campaigns in instances where users opt out of app tracking.

All That You Can Measure with Kochava

Search results ads make it easy for users to discover an app while they’re searching for apps to download.

Search tabs ads promote apps that are at the top of the suggested app list.

Today tab ads allow apps to appear on the front page of the App Store.

Product page ads appear at the bottom of app pages and allow users to see similar apps to one’s they’re currently viewing.

Elevate your Apple Search Ads Campaigns

Further scale and automate your campaigns on ASA with Search Ads Maven, the Search Ads campaign management platform powered by Kochava.

  • Command and control of all ASA campaigns
  • Unlimited automation rules to save time
  • Custom goals tied to your MMP data
  • Premium keyword intelligence to dominate your competitors
  • Optimal ASA campaign and ad group structure generation
  • And more…

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