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Outcomes Measurement for Your Linear TV Campaigns

Drive Brand Marketing ROI Across All Screens & Formats—Powered by Kochava & Comscore

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Enables performance reporting on linear TV ads for the first time

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Think Like Digital

Optimize linear TV ads to the same KPIs as your digital budgets

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We’ve built the integrations—simply share your goals and outcomes

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Works for advertisers using any MMP (Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, etc.)

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$56 Billion Linear TV Spend in 2027

According to eMarketer, even by 2027 linear TV ad spend is predicted to top $56 billion.

With the latest technological advancements, linear TV doesn’t have to be measured in a vacuum.


Linear TV data and reporting can often lag, hindering marketers in getting near real-time insights to optimize campaigns as they’re running. Moreover, tying TV ad exposures to specific outcomes and consumer actions can be challenging, making it difficult to measure the impact of linear TV campaigns directly and calculate true ROI.


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Kochava and Comscore have joined forces to provide industry-first outcomes measurement for linear TV, enabling advertisers to connect the dots between linear TV ad buys and the outcomes they drive across connected screens and beyond.

Observe how your linear TV ad buys drive real-world outcomes that impact your bottom line

Mobile App Activity

Mobile App Installs

In-App Registrations

In-App Purchases

Episodic Tune-In

Website Conversions

Lift Results

How It Works

Kochava combines

  • Advertiser campaign & conversion data
  • Integration of Comscore ECR feed
  • Advanced data modeling & proprietary algorithms

to deliver outcomes measurement of linear TV ad impact on app installs, in-app events, and other KPIs.

Proprietary modeling

Real World Case Study

Super Bowl LVIII Linear Ad Buy

A major sports company ran a Super Bowl LVIII campaign and leveraged outcomes measurement for linear TV to understand how their ad spots drove installs, registrations, and purchases across their mobile apps.

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