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Supercharge your advertising strategy with the Kochava Optimization Beacon. The next chapter in mobile measurement. With over 20,000 dynamic rules, 4 years of development, and 100,000 campaigns run, the Optimization Beacon® is your turn-key solution for campaign optimization.

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Optimize Any Categorical Data

The Optimization Beacon fits your needs with an improved data-driven, rule-based feedback loop. Direct response advertisers can optimize for lifetime value or a brand advertiser can optimize for visibility. With greater transparency advertisers spend more effectively which drives improvements in overall ROI. The Kochava Optimization Beacon ingests any and all data in real-time and provides optimized predictive responses for all things.


Mobile Advertising Today

The Optimization Beacon rules are specific to each campaign. This is how the optimization rules are able to account for the unique traffic offered by each network/publisher. This is crucial to the ensuring that the campaign optimization rules are specifically tailored to each traffic source.

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