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Integrate with Kochava Your Way

Server-to-Server (S2S) or Software Development Kit (SDK). Which integration is right for you?

SDK or S2S Integration
Kochava SDK offerings

What is an SDK?

An SDK (Software Development Kit) is an app plug-in that adds functionality without having to write code.

What is S2S?

An S2S (Server-to-Server) integration utilizes an advertiser’s established server-side infrastructure to transmit install and event data to Kochava for attribution and analytics.

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Which integration is right for you?

SDK Integration

The Kochava SDK is created in-house by the Kochava SDK team and facilitates communication between a client’s app on a user’s device and Kochava servers. Integrating with our SDK gives advertisers the peace of mind that Kochava is handling all of the heavy lifting. The SDK method is the preferred option due to its versatility and configurability.

Integration Requirements

All you have to do is integrate the SDK and Kochava will handle the rest.

  • End-to-end testing methods
  • Comprehensive troubleshooting protocols
  • 99.999% tracking uptime guarantee
  • Kochava-managed redundancy
  • SDK install and event queuing
  • Economies of scale for SDK innovation and maintenance
  • Synchronized, globally distributed and scalable infrastructure
  • FIFO data flow from impression through post-install event
  • Expeditious compliance with industry changes

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Integrate with the Kochava SDK and let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

Meet the Kochava OTT SDK Library for Measuring CTV

For platforms not listed here, Kochava provides alternate integration support, including server-to-server integration. Learn more here.

Other Supported SDKs

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Adobe PhoneGap
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Key Benefits of the Kochava SDK

Reliability & Peace of Mind

Let Kochava handle your ad tracking with our end-to-end tracking methods and event/install queuing.

Automated Session Tracking

Understand session duration and frequency with the ability to track when an app becomes active or inactive.

Server-side Control

Disable events, manage consent jurisdictions, and control identifier collection via dashboard control toggles with no SDK updates required.

Deferred Deep Linking

Create and track deferred deep links to ensure your users have a friction-free experience from click to install.

Apple Search Ads Support

Out-of-the-box support for Apple Search Ads. Obtain keyword level performance insights for optimization.

Universal Links with Attribution

Utilize Universal Links to gain deterministic attribution on paid and owned reengagement campaigns.

“I’ve never had a support team that has been so responsive and proactive.”

Chris Barcinas – Director, Integrated Marketing

S2S Integration

Opt for the S2S integration if you wish to utilize Kochava services but would like to communicate with Kochava from a source other than the app, such as your own server. There are certain requirements that must be met before choosing this method.

Integration Requirements

S2S integration relies on the advertiser’s own infrastructure for all data transmission. This creates additional development work and leaves the burden of support and maintenance on the advertiser. To integrate via S2S, these requirements must be met:

  • Have your own back-end system
  • Manage your own communication and uptime
  • Manage your own codebase
  • Track your own installs and events
  • Send Kochava real-time or batched data feeds
  • Manage your own Apple Search Ads Integrations
  • Manage your own user privacy and consent
  • Integrate with SKAd Network and send appropriate signals to Kochava
Support Documentation

*S2S integration is only available for clients on the enterprise plan.

iOS 14+ Considerations

SDK integration is highly recommended for advertisers looking to maximize their marketing efficiency on iOS 14+. The Kochava SDK will handle all of the heavy lifting related to the SKAdNetwork, App Clips, and the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework.


Out-of-the-box support for the SKAdNetwork.

Advertiser app calls are wrapped within the SDK.

Easily configure one of four distinct SKAd conversion models server-side and access install and conversion summary reports.


Client is responsible for client-side integration with SKAdNetwork and managing their own conversion models and measurement windows.

Client will be required to manually enter conversion values and definitions within the Kochava dashboard.


Features drag and drop support for App Clips. Deterministically measure and attribute App Clip download, conversions, and downloads to full app install conversions.


Customer is responsible for tracking App Clip activity and sending server-to-server payloads to Kochava.

No attribution is supported for App Clip downloads and App Clip conversions.


ATT awareness with built-in functionality to sleep SDK and queue events until ATT prompt completion.

Gather user ATT status for visibility in Kochava reporting and Query.


Customer is responsible for handling timing of install and event tracking in relation to ATT prompting and passing ATT status on server-to-server API payloads.

How Our Solutions Work with Our Integrations




Measurement & Attribution

Holistic Attribution

Omni-Channel Measurement

Smart Sessions

Cost Tracking

Total LTV

OTT & Connected TV

OOH, Linear & Advanced TV

User Engagement

Owned Media

Dynamic Audience Activation


Predictive Churn

Uninstall Tracking


Link Integrations



Apple Search Ads Tracking

Out of the box support

Self-integrate with iAd API

Dynamic Deep Linking

Deferred Deep Linking

Custom setup required


Universal & App Links Attribution

QR Codes

TV Direct Response

Data Management

Real-Time Analytics


Data Syndication



Fraud Prevention

Global Fraud Blocklist

Customized Fraud Blocklist

Fraud Dashboard

Traffic Verification Rules

SDK Spoofing Protection

Install & Event Authentication

Google Install Referrer API

Identity Solutions

Built-in Consent Management

Audience Enrichment

Cross-Device Identity Resolution

Dynamic Audience Activation

Audience Insights

Let us help you choose the right integration.