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For many marketers, switching attribution providers, or enabling attribution for apps that have been tracked, is daunting. These apps likely have thousands of active users and a wealth of historical in-app engagement data. If a prior measurement partner is involved, there is attribution layered across these historical activities. Losing this data is not an option.

To save historical data, Kochava created the Traffic Import Tool. With an intuitive interface and predefined templates, marketers can import historic attribution and user engagement data into the platform before tracking new campaigns with Kochava. This means the marketer doesn’t pay to re-acquire existing users incorrectly reported as new installs. These metrics also become available in Kochava Reporting for ongoing analysis alongside your new data.

Data points supported for import include:

  • Time of Record (Install or Event)
  • Event Name
  • Event Value (e.g., revenue)
  • Attribution
  • IP address
  • Device Type
  • Device ID
  • Device User Agent

Data can be securely imported using Amazon Web Services via AWS CSV or AWS ARN Role. An API integration is also available for marketers transitioning from select providers.

Once an import is submitted for processing, the status can be checked directly within the Kochava dashboard. On completion, users can be conveniently notified via email or Slack.