Traffic Verifier

Mobile ad fraud is increasing in part because of a fragmented ecosystem with many middlemen taking their own direction with ads. Kochava mobile user app analytics tools with real-time fraud abatement allows you to avoid incentivized traffic, click stuffing, platform mismatches and other unwanted traffic to best target your audiences.

Write your own traffic rules

Enable Traffic Verifier at either the account or app level. For best practices, however, we recommend turning this feature on for an account.

Within Traffic Verifier:
  • Define your criteria (“Match” or “Doesn’t Match”) for valid traffic by device type, platform, OS version or by geography (country/city)
  • Validate or reject unverified traffic in real time


Use case: An app developer wants to target users in South America on iOS only. They sign an IO based on these targeting rules and then set up Traffic Verifier to confirm.

Access the Global Blacklist against fraud

Enable the Global Blacklist within Traffic Verifier for real-time mobile fraud prevention at the account level or per app. The Blacklist covers fraudulent:
  • Device IDs
  • IP addresses
  • Network/site IDs
Customers can select one or all of these Blacklist entities.

Frequency capping

Use mobile user analytics to prevent mobile ad fraud in your campaigns. Don’t pay for thousands of clicks for one install. Set a cap for the number of impressions/clicks acceptable for your campaigns at the device, site, IP or UA level within a specified duration for more control over your traffic reach. If a network serves beyond the cap, you can decide whether to attribute that unverified traffic or not under the Orchestration section of Traffic Verifier.


Use case: Set frequency caps at the IP and site level to receive no more than 10 clicks per hour from the same IP addresses and sites.

Traffic Verifier + Alerting = App Fraud Prevention

Combine Traffic Verifier with our Alerting tool to reinforce mobile ad fraud prevention and get notifications when frequency caps are reached or when a traffic rule is violated.

Use with What if?

Want to see how the Blacklist will change your campaigns? Apply or remove it in a What if? Scenario to rerun attribution on historical data from a specified time frame with the Blacklist enabled and how traffic would change.

Similarly, rerun your traffic without frequency caps to decide what to do with installs that went beyond the threshold set for a particular mobile site or IP address.

Take control of your user traffic with mobile user analytics

Set the rules for acceptable traffic and ensure your media partners follow your IO here. During your campaigns, run a row-level Click/Install Report in Analytics to view unverified traffic. Traffic Verifier keeps you in control of your campaigns and your partner networks in check.

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