Simple, Lightweight, Robust SDK

Web SDK provides marketers with web-tracking capabilities to analyze how users interact with their brand across mobile and display.

Web SDK is easily and quickly integrated and has a lightweight footprint and robust features. Integration is done using a pre-generated JavaScript snippet; once the snippet has been integrated into the website, all page loads will automatically be sent to Kochava along with unique session IDs stored in the user’s local storage.

Session Tracking

Users are identified by both a persistent, anonymous session ID and a click ID that allows for deterministic attribution to the channel that drove the user to the website. In this way, marketers can track users when they visit or register on the site regardless of whether they started their user journey on mobile or display.

Access All Kochava Integrations

Just like our universal SDK, all ads can be tracked deterministically from normal channels and networks using a unique click ID appended to the user’s redirected ad view or click.

Cross-Platform Engagement Tracking

Cross-device tracking of user behavior is built in, using our IdentityLink function to connect user metadata to any session. The IdentityLink not only provides a complete view between user sessions but also provides visibility to user behavior from the website to the mobile application.

Track users as they interact with your brand’s website, mobile web, email campaign, blog posts, or social media pages and monitors of their activity on the Analytics dashboard with the same configurable features.

Using Web SDK with IdentityLink provides you with a complete, holistic measurement of user activity. For more information, visit our support documentation.

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