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B4Grad™ makes doing homework easier by providing a simple and clear interface that helps students organize and complete tasks.

B4Grad’s goal is to help students get things done by increasing their productivity. To achieve this goal, they needed a way to track all their users in the hopes of understanding their behavior better. With five subscription options, they also wanted a way to track revenue to capture the lifetime value (LTV) of their users.

Integrating the Kochava SDK gave B4Grad mobile cross-device measurement in a single dashboard. This revealed what types of devices their users are logged in from, where their users are located, what in-app events they are completing in the engagement funnel, and how much revenue was earned from subscriptions. By tracking their campaigns with ad networks, such as Apple Search Ads, Facebook, and AppLovin, they were able to map quality users back to the channels and campaigns that drove them. The combination of these insights helped drive future marketing decisions for a higher return on investment (ROI).

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B4Grad increased their daily active users (DAU) by 381% in just 30 days. From tracking user engagement and retention, they optimized their marketing strategy, which resulted in a 397% increase in subscription revenue.

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This use case is one example of the impact of Kochava solutions for advertisers. Kochava makes no guarantee of individual results.