Growing Customer Stickiness with SmartLinks-Enhanced QR Codes

VERTICAL: Food & Drink   |   SOLUTION: QR Codes, SmartLinks™

SmartLinks-Enhanced Experience Correlates with:
Data gathered from May 2023 –
June 2023 based on Kochava measurment metrics.

Focus Brands is a leading developer of global, multi-channel Fast Casual brands such as Cinnabon, Jamba, Auntie Anne’s, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotzky’s. Their collection of brands is united under one company that’s leading the industry through product innovation, cutting edge business practices and an expansive media presence.


Focus Brands sought to enhance its mobile ordering capabilities and augment overall user engagement with its mobile apps. Given the extensive presence of locations, the marketing team contemplated strategies to incentivize customers towards utilizing the app during their in-store visits.


Focus Brands successfully implemented Kochava mobile measurement solutions into their entire portfolio of mobile apps, enabling them to achieve comprehensive and precise omni-channel measurement and attribution data across their entire range of apps and marketing campaigns within a unified platform.

Once integrated, Focus Brands strategically utilized Kochava SmartLinks™ technology to extract invaluable insights regarding customer engagement derived from their QR codes, across all U.S. locations and QR code placements (eg, packaged goods, in-store signage, point-of-sale labeling). This allowed them to connect the dots between a QR scan to an app install as well as any defined down-funnel in-app engagement.

Seeking to optimize the utilization of QR codes, the marketing team aimed to ascertain the precise areas within their stores where QR codes were scanned. By placing QR codes on in-store signage, strategically positioning them at the checkout counters and dining tables, Focus Brands could effectively pinpoint the precise locations where customers exhibited the highest level of interaction with QR codes, thereby discerning the impact it had on enhancing in-app engagement.


Through careful analysis, Focus Brands observed that the strategic placement of QR codes for certain brands on tables yielded significantly higher levels of customer engagement compared to QR codes positioned at the registers. This observation provided valuable insights to the marketing team, enabling them to optimize the placement of QR codes within their stores for maximum effectiveness. This strategic realignment of QR code positions correlated with a notable increase in overall customer loyalty sign
ups and stickiness.

“Kochava SmartLinks give us a new level of visibility into how our QR code placements in-store and across other mediums drive mobile app adoption and increased customer stickiness. Our distribution strategy for QR codes is now much more data driven and we’re seeing direct results in the form of increased engagement.”

—Danny Koenig, Marketing Analytics Manager at Focus Brands

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