Improving Access to Air Quality Ratings Through App Measurement & Analytics

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over 150% install growth month-over-month
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IQAir provides reliable and trustworthy air quality data, sourced from the world’s top air pollution data provider. Their app covers over 10,000 locations worldwide, drawing from a network of government monitoring stations and IQAir’s AirVisual sensors. Top rated in the App Store and Google Play Store, IQAir offers free real-time air quality monitoring, providing health recommendations and weather information.


IQAir has observed significant surges in app downloads attributed to notable weather patterns spanning the globe. To effectively manage this influx and comprehend the behavior of hundreds of thousands of app users across their mobile apps, the IQAir marketing team sought a solution to measure comprehensive app installation and engagement data from all regions they serve.


In response to the considerable volume of app downloads, IQAir identified the need for a mobile measurement partner (MMP). Upon integrating with Kochava mobile measurement solutions, they achieved consolidation of all their app data, facilitating more streamlined analysis. This integration granted them easy access to KPI metrics such as daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU), as well as insights into user retention rates. Additionally, the incorporation of the footprint tool provided a comprehensive overview of their user base, encompassing total users, active users, and session length data per country. These and other comprehensive insights in a singular platform enabled IQAir to optimize their marketing endeavors, strategically targeting users worldwide with enhanced efficacy.

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As IQAir’s user base expanded significantly, they recognized a promising opportunity to implement in-app events aimed at understanding user journeys within the app. By acquiring these valuable insights, they effectively optimized the user experience, elevating app engagement levels. The integration of in-app events further enriched IQAir’s pool of user information and bolstered their data capacity, thereby facilitating seamless support for their sustained and continuous growth.


IQAir now possesses the capacity to discern the geographical distribution of their app users, thereby facilitating the optimization of the user experience tailored to specific geographic regions. Moreover, they have successfully gained comprehensive insights into their user base across both of their applications.

Within a condensed time frame of 60 days, IQAir witnessed an app install growth surge of over 150% month-over-month. In addition, during a 30-day span, they meticulously measured an impressive 11.8 million in-app events, further solidifying their data-driven approach to enhancing app performance and user engagement.

With so many users downloading our mobile apps across the globe, Kochava provides an easy and digestible platform for us to understand where they come from and what features they use in the app.

- Digital Marketing Specialist, IQAir

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