Smart TV Platform Empowers Performance Marketing on CTV With Outcomes Measurement

VERTICAL: Smart TV OEM   |   SOLUTION: Kochava Publisher’s Suite

Measurable Outcomes
9.5% Install Lift In Same-Screen Conversions
8.7% Lift In Cross-Platform Conversions


A major smart TV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is innovating the future of CTV advertising. Its CTV platform offers advertisers extensive reach, precision targeting, and verifiable impact across its vibrant CTV entertainment ecosystem.


Marketers have long pigeonholed connected TV (CTV) as a brand marketing channel for driving awareness and audience reach, while discounting its effectiveness as a performance marketing medium.

The customer needed to connect the dots between ad placements native to their CTV platform and lower-funnel user engagements across devices—enabling advertisers to correlate their ad spend with direct performance outcomes.


Kochava Publisher’s Suite gave the customer out-of-the-box, outcomes measurement technology—facilitating real-time attribution of ad exposure to lower-funnel conversions (app installs, in-app events, and website activity) for their advertisers.

For the customer, this meant that ads served across prime placements on the home screen, sponsorship splashes, app channel store tiles, and mobile remote banners could be attributed to user engagement on the consumer’s native smart TV or other cross-screen conversions.

The customer now had the real-time measurement capacity to support a performance-based marketing model with their advertisers.


A major streaming service launched user acquisition (UA) campaigns on the customer’s platform with outcomes measurement enabled. The customer was able to showcase how the campaign drove same-screen app launches of the advertiser’s app on their native smart TV platform, as well as across other smart TVs within the households exposed to the ads.

The customer drove a 9.5% lift in same-screen app installs (compared to industry norms of 4–6%). An 8.7% lift in install activity was also observed across other connected smart TV platforms. Based on performance results, the advertiser is increasing spend and activating more campaigns with the customer.

Ad View

Outcomes measurement is enabling us to expand relationships with our clients beyond the brand marketing teams to bring the power of our endemic ads platform into their performance marketing mix as well.

Director, Data & Analytics at Smart TV OEM

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