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What is Probabilistic Attribution?

iOS 14+ Restrictions

Per Apple’s user privacy & data use policy, fingerprinting and probabilistic forms of attribution are restricted when an iOS 14+ user has not opted-in to tracking under the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework. Kochava does NOT support probabilistic attribution that are not compliant with Apple policy. Two exceptions that are compliant and which Kochava supports, include:

  • Owned media wherein user or device data is NOT linked to that of another company
  • Instances where a user has opted-in to tracking via the ATT framework in the target app and the impression or click occurred in mobile web, where no ATT framework applies.

App developers and marketers are strongly encouraged to adopt the SKAdNetwork to achieve continued performance insights on in-app growth campaigns. SKAdNetwork attribution is available regardless of whether a user opts-in or opts-out of tracking through the ATT framework. 

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Probabilistic Attribution | Definition

Probabilistic attribution relies on the user agent (non-unique device characteristics) and the IP address of the device to perform attribution. These identifiers are not unique to a device, making them probable matches and not 100% accurate for attribution. However, by utilizing Kochava’s configurable attribution capabilities such as lookback windows and Traffic Verifier®, probabilistic attribution is highly accurate.

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