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What is a SKAdNetwork Conversion Model?

SKAdNetwork Conversion Model | Definition

A conversion model enables marketers to pack significantly more insight and meaning into the SKAdNetwork Conversion Value. Rather than simply mapping individual post-install events to distinct conversion values (eg, conversion values [0-63] = event names [0-63]), which would only tell you that a user completed a specific in-app event, the conversion model applies a framework around each distinct conversion value, offering insights including:

  • a count of days since the install that an action or condition was met by the user
  • the highest value in-app action taken by the user
  • a list of events the user completed regardless of order
  • a range of revenue generated by the user
  • the number of times a user completed an in-app action
  • and more

What is SKAdNetwork, and How Do You Use It?

The AdTech Show: Season 1 – Episode 1

In this episode, we interview Vivian Watt, a product manager at Kochava who has been working intensely with teams to prepare for SKAdNetwork and the forthcoming changes with iOS 14.

Learn about conversion values and how to choose the right SKAdNetwork conversion model for you.