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Cash in on Holistic Measurement and Attribution Tools for Finance Apps

Boost app engagement and goal completions across your entire media mix with full trust that all of your data is accurate and secure

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Only pay once for your users

Many finance apps are used on a cyclical basis such as tax season, monthly money transfers or quarterly stock investments. Kochava helps you measure your users’ lifetime install activity so you’ll never pay twice for a user who reegnages your app after an elapsed period of time.

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finance apps user journey

Understand each unique user journey

Each user interacts with app features differently. Knowing where your users go within the app provides transparency into their journey. Gather row-level event data for detailed engagement insights and a complete view into where your users go, what features they interact with, and what devices they use.

Trust your data to tell the whole story

With any app, fraud abatement is important, but with finance apps specifically, mitigating as much fraud as possible is essential. Have full confidence in your data with built-in protection against SDK spoofing, click flooding, install hijacking, and more.

secure finance apps attribution

Hear from our fintech clients

TapAnywhere CaseStudy Image

Helping IDT Save Big on User Acquisition Costs

Western Union Case Study Logo

The Balance Between Being Individualistic and Brand-Centric

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Kochava Traffic Verifier to block mobile ad fraud

Invest in your success on Apple Search Ads

Kochava support for Apple Search Ads (ASA) and the AdServices framework provides seamless measurement and optimization on all campaigns run on ASA. Our support includes:

✔   ASA campaign optimization
✔   Keyword-level reporting, analytics, and insights
✔   Integration support for ASA campaign management platforms

Scale and automate your campaigns on ASA with Search Ads Maven, the Search Ads campaign management platform powered by Kochava.

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More growth tools for finance apps

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Dynamic Audience Activation
Explore data points to create dynamic audiences, syndicate them to preferred partners, and group lapsed users for re-engagement targeting.

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Premier iOS Support
Kochava ensures secure, privacy-first measurement of all your user data across Apple devices and complete support for SKAdNetwork attribution.

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Predictive Churn Modeling
Boost overall user LTV with highly accurate predictive churn modeling. Know which users are most likely to churn and reengage them before they do.

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Enhanced Deep Linking
Take the user experience to the next level with friction-free SmartLinks. Turn SmartLinks into QR Codes for increased user engagement across multiple applications.

How to Begin Marketing Your Finance App

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