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Maximize Conversion Rates with Free Deep Linking Solutions

Streamline your mobile app growth with Free App Analytics® by Kochava

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faa free deep linking

Connect Your Users to Personalized Content and Experiences

With dynamic and contextual deep linking, your users will be directed to specific content in your app based on the exact advertisement, offer, or promotion they engaged with.

Provide Customized Deep Linking Journeys for Users Who Don’t Have Your App Installed Yet

With deferred deep links, users who don’t have the app installed will be taken into the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app. Once the app is installed, they will be connected to the correct in-app content.

Free Deep Linking

Learn More About How Deep Links Work and Why You Need Them

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faa free deep linking

Discover More Free Solutions With Free App Analytics® Including:

  • Free cross-app analytics
  • Free SKAdNetwork and mobile attribution
  • Free consent management
  • Free fraud prevention
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