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Are you new to mobile measurement and attribution? Download our eBook to learn the key principles of attribution and why it is important.  Click here to get your copy.
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Are you a developer and want to take a look under the hood first? Follow this link to download the SDK(s) that you will need to implement. Good news is that as you scale up, there is no need to change SDKs.
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Kochava has significantly more features and tools than any other platform. Follow this link to see a comparison matrix of Kochava and the nearest (but distant) competitors.

Free App Analytics® solutions grow with you

Free App Analytics (FAA) was created to equip emerging app brands with robust tools as a value trade for sharing data with the Kochava Collective.

“FAA offers an entry point for new or emerging companies to get started with attribution and analytics. Our tools can help you get off the ground, tracking your ad spend and beginning a trajectory for growth. Then, you can add Kochava features to meet your growing needs as they arise.”

Brian Wilson, Director of Product Management at Kochava

Largest Network and Publisher Integration

Run campaigns on the world’s largest collection of more than 4,000+ network and publisher integrations, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pandora and Amazon. Get Started Now!

Attribution for the Executive Team

As an executive, you can keep costs low in the beginning but at the same time be ready to scale up your approach. Free App Analytics provides your team with the critical tools to get started with mobile attribution and analytics. When the time is right, you can expand features and tools as needed. Kochava’s robust platform means you can consolidate efforts and cost into one interface. It’s no wonder the biggest brands in the mobile app world choose Kochava.

Attribution for the Marketing Team

Mobile marketers need accurate tools and a consolidated platform where they can run and monitor all campaigns. Free App Analytics provides the fundamentals required to track your marketing campaigns. When the time is right, upgrading to the enterprise version is simple and completely customizable. See for yourself and set up your free account or request a demo in the form below.

Attribution for the Development Team

The SDK for Free App Analytics is lightweight, efficient, and powerful. See it for yourself here. The tools provided by Kochava allow for consolidation of other services, which means less work and less complication for your app. If the executive and marketing team decide to upgrade to the enterprise platform, the SDK stays the same. Setup is straightforward and often completed in less than a few hours. This is the SDK that your marketing team needs, at a price your executive team can handle (free).

Promote Your App

Understand Your Users: Holistic Attribution

There are many ways to get users to promote your app, ranging from engaging viral game mechanics and shareability, to social and paid media promotion. Take advantage of Free App Analytics (FAA) to gather as much user intelligence data as possible to evaluate your progress and determine the most effective way to engage new users to download and install your app.

As a first-time marketer, you likely promote your app on your own social pages, website, and through email lists. These are examples of “owned” media channels. You are promoting your app to an audience you have built. This audience has some idea of who you are, and they have decided to engage with you by following you or your page, giving you their email address, or otherwise saying, “I’m interested in what you’re doing!”

You may also have spent money to promote your app on major social platforms like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. These are examples of paid media. It is important to track both owned and paid media on a single platform to compare the effectiveness of both. This is holistic attribution.

Don’t underestimate the value of self-promotion: Track owned campaigns

Too many marketers underestimate the impact of their owned channels. With FAA, you can track your owned campaigns to see which channels and messages are most effective in reaching users. Strong email campaigns, relevant social posts and valuable web content will boost your followers and offer affordable ways to market your app.

Intelligent Consent Manager™

Your app may be subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and/or the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU. Make sure you’re respecting the data privacy and consent of your app users in accordance with these important regulations.
Intelligent Consent Manager provides simple and powerful tools to help.
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Find your own ad partners with the Media Guide

When you’re ready to seek out new places to run paid ads, it can be tough to know where to start. Kochava has compiled an extensive Media Guide where you can filter and search thousands of potential ad partners. You can begin searching for partners by filtering the list using fields like geographic regions, channels, mobile platform, type of ad, and type of pricing.

Create your ideal user audiences with the Kochava Collective®

Once you’ve built up a fan base and know your users better, you can expand your marketing efforts to explore new audiences likely to enjoy your app. The Kochava Collective is a unique marketplace that provides marketers with access to rich targeting for users across networks. It’s like having the data of Facebook or Google without having to advertise on their networks. Marketers can create custom or lookalike audiences and target them with precise campaigns through any one of 20+ different activation partners.

There are several ways to reach new audiences using the Kochava Collective:

  • Purchase pre-packaged audiences created from a variety of categories such as Mobile Games; Music & Entertainment, Social Media, Communication & Dating; Travel & Weather; or Lifestyle.
  • Build custom audiences using criteria such as recently visited locations, application usage, audience interest and device details. As you create your audience, the list of estimated devices updates in real time showing how the segment will look.
  • Import your own audience data in the Collective to create a lookalike audience to upload onto a site (e.g., Facebook). Your audience data remains private and is never shared with anyone else.

A good place to start is to explore pre-packaged audience categories similar to your own. For example, if you have a financial app, search for users within that category. Take your time in exploring and considering how you want to expand your audiences.

“Rinse and Repeat” to promote your app

There’s no magic formula that lets you “set and forget” marketing for your app. Great app marketing is engaging in the process of evaluating your data and adjusting campaigns to be most effective.

Explore your data within FAA. See how users are finding your app to learn how to optimize that process. Pay attention to what users are doing inside your app, beyond the install, to maximize registrations, ad views or purchases.

Additionally, see if users are getting stuck at a particular point in your app and figure out how to improve that experience. It’s important to keep asking yourself: Are these users generating revenue? If not, how can I engage them further? Or, should I try a new audience? Track all your user touch points with FAA, and see where you can connect with your audience again through new content, or where you can expand your user audience.

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