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Free SKAdNetwork Attribution for
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Kochava SKAdNetwork Solutions for Advertisers

The Free App Analytics™ platform packs the five key tools you need for successful growth with a free app analytics suite that consolidates your app’s performance data into one dynamic and informative dashboard.

  • Understand where your best users are coming from with omni-channel attribution across paid media (Display, Search, Social, and more), and owned media (Social, Email, Website, Cross-Promo, and more).
  • Maximize iOS campaigns with out-of-the-box support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork
  • Optimize user acquisition (UA) spend toward the campaigns, ad creatives, videos, and search keywords driving quality user growth.
  • Gain attribution insights on reengagement campaigns to optimize efforts to drive higher lifetime value (LTV) from your existing users.

Maximize conversion rates on your growth campaigns by delivering friction-free user experiences. Get full support for:

  • Dynamic & contextual deep linking to deliver users into personalized content & experiences in your app based on the exact advertisement, offer, or promotion they engaged with.
  • Deferred deep linking to provide personalized deep linking experiences even for users who don’t have your app installed yet.
  • Want to learn more? Download our Introduction to Deep Linking Guide.

Get the engagement metrics you need to understand your audience and grow, including:

  • Track every install, session, and a wealth of in-app events across devices and platforms to understand user engagement throughout the funnel.
    • Monthly Active Users (MAU)
    • Lifetime Value (LTV)
    • Revenue Per User (RPU)
    • Revenue per Install (RPI)
    • Average Session Length
    • Retention
    • and more
  • Connect the dots across devices to understand the complete journey of your users across all touchpoints with IdentityLink®.
  • Successful growth requires the right partners. Explore over 50,000 growth partners, including: in-app networks, demand side platforms (DSPs), super publishers, social networks, influencer platforms, and more.
  • Narrow your search based on geo, pricing model, inventory type, SKAdNetwork support, and other criteria to find the perfect partner for your needs.
  • Visit the new Kochava Media Index and start your path to growth today.

Learn how deep linking delivers the best experience for your users.

See Their Growth

Utilizing Kochava’s Analytics Zone

Weatherzone needed a place to gather a real-time stream of their app activity.

Now they can see row-level data on their users in instantly and from that, make more logical and directed marketing decisions to increase installs and subscriptions.

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Tailoring the Travel’s Experience

Ixigo needed a way to easily and efficiently track user engagement and revenue.

Kochava’s revenue tracking has allowed Ixigo to better understand their user’s journey from installing the app to purchasing a flight or booking a hotel room.

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The Key to Attribution

Senight LLC needed a way to see what networks were driving installs and other app engagement.

Once Senight LLC started gathering data from the Kochava platform, they were able to see what advertising source most strongly influenced conversions and what search keywords were used to find their app.

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Pixo scheduling and timer apps
Pink and blue Pixo logo

Maximizing Growth with Holistic Attribution

Pixo needed a way to better understand its users.

Once the integrated the Kochava SDK, Pixo was able to target new audiences of like users to increase their growth and improve in-app revenue.

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Black and green B4Grad logo

Check Attribution Off Your List

B4Grad needed a way to track all of their users in the hopes of understanding their behavior better.

Integrating the Kovhava SDK gave B4Grad granular, row-level data on all of their users in a single dashboard.

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New to Attribution?

Download our Introduction to Attribution Guide

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Global Fraud Blocklist
Protect your ad spend from mobile ad fraud across all campaigns.

Detailed Reports
Download our most popular reports on demand for detailed analysis.

Real-Time Analytics
Instantly visualize performance with cross-platform, mobile app analytics.

A/B/n Testing
Test various creatives and campaign messaging strategies and comparing the results.

Smart Session Tracking
With smart session tracking, get a more accurate view of average session time and user engagement.

Track Owned Media
See the impact of email, text, social and other growth efforts on owned media channels.

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