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Expand Beyond Free App Analytics™ Tools with Next-Level Marketing Solutions

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Streamline User Engagement with Advanced Deep Linking

Combine the functionality of deep linking technology with dynamic routing across devices and platforms, built-in quick response (QR) codes, and more with SmartLinks™.

Improve Ad Spend Optimization with Ample Data Retention

Gain more actionable performance data past the FAA 30-day data retention window with 90-day, 180-day, or longer retention options. This makes it easier to recognize when dormant users return to your app or when users re-install regardless of the timing.

Extract Deeper Insights with Detailed, Row-Level Reporting

Expand your view beyond summary data with detailed, row-level, reports including:
  • Click and impressions reports
  • Install and event reports
  • Reengagement reports
  • Media cost and revenue reports

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Explore raw data in real time with a built-in SQL query prompt for unlimited data exploration.
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Add in website measurement to understand how users interact with your brand across mobile and display.


Easily connect the dots across devices, platforms, and households with privacy-first identity resolution.
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