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Kochava mutli-touch attribution (MTA) influencer reporting takes into account all click and impression activity across networks which led up to an install conversion. The current industry standard is to attribute installs to the last touch; however, helpful insights can be gained by understanding the preceding clicks and impressions that also had influence. These insights are critical to understanding brand lift, overlap in media mix and true ROAS (return on ad spend) across campaigns.

Influencer Report

The graphic above illustrates a single user’s path from first impression to last click and ultimate install. There are several influencing impressions and clicks on networks other than that which was awarded final attribution. While Network 3 had a click much closer to the install, Network 2 was awarded the “winning click” because a deterministic device-based match was available, which outweighed the probabilistic match (see iOS 14+ restrictions) of Network 3’s click.

Kochava MTA influencer reports provide row-level data about each click and/or impression, including: site ID, creative ID and the reason it did not win final attribution. These reasons may include being outside the lookback window, not being the last click, or being superseded by a higher match-type (for more information on match-type, refer to attribution overview).

The MTA influencer report also delineates whether there was a Self-Attributing Network (SAN) claim on the install. Self-Attributing Networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google and Snapchat among others. These networks self-attribute and may claim an install conversion in their own system, while in Kochava, another network won out over the SAN for last click. In these cases, the claim is flagged as an influencer.

Kochava provides marketers with two distinct MTA influencer reports, the Click MTA Report and the Impression MTA Report. Visit our support documentation for guidance on pulling reports.

For more information about multi-touch attribution and best practices, contact your Client Success Manager or email