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App Engagement

Drive growth through audience activation with personalized reengagement campaigns across paid and owned media efforts.


Engage Your App Users to Drive Growth

Boost loyalty, increase retention and maximize lifetime value (LTV) while reducing churn through our user engagement channels.

Forecast User Behavior and Churn

Predictive Churn
Determine the likelihood a user will churn by linking the user to behaviors and characteristics that produce a churn score.

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Dynamic App Audience Activation

Create and save static or dynamic audiences and syndicate them to your preferred partners.

From those audiences, form lookalike models based on top-performing users.

Reengage with users who have lapsed to bring them back or interact with current users to keep them engaged.

Maximize Profit by Reengaging Abandoned Carts

Identify existing high-value users and trigger new targeted campaigns before they begin to lag.


Configurable Attribution

Tailor attribution settings to fit any campaign goal. Customize lookback windows and convert either on an install or a custom event for reengagement.

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“Kochava really allowed Camelot to help our clients have an unfair advantage and exhilarate their mobile growth.”

-Nate Gasser, VP Emerging Media, and Technology

Owned Media

Maximize your organic traffic and owned media with our attribution tools to give the same attribution consideration to your owned channels as your paid ones.


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