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Free App Analytics®, developed by Kochava, an industry leader in providing holistic measurement solutions for connected devices, offers a free, feature-rich analytics platform created specifically with the emerging mobile marketer or small developer in mind.

free app analytics powered by kochava

With mobile playing an increasingly dominant role in marketing, having a reliable, feature-rich analytics solution has never been more essential for marketers and app developers. Every marketing effort needs to consider user engagement and the audience journey and must be able to correlate impact and adjust to new audience opportunities. Curating and taking action on critical data paths is a necessity and the foundation of success.

“Knowing that actionable data and granular insight of our app users would be critical to our success, there was never any question of whether we needed an analytics provider,” said Jonathan Calmus, Product Manager for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. “What quickly became apparent was the glaring difference in quality and robustness between providers.”

In addition to a comprehensive analytics dashboard, Free App Analytics® (FAA) offers features, such as event tracking, unlimited network postbacks for partners, audit reporting and the most intuitive interface available, all to assist marketers in growing their audiences. From the analytics menu, marketers can segment and select cohorts from multiple views according to their unique key performance measures.

“Thanks to FAA, we can identify critical cohorts of users and respond with tailored messaging and precision targeting. Nothing is left to chance. I can measure the effectiveness of my actions and drive engagement in real time,” said Calmus.

In response to the market demand for Free App Analytics®, Kochava welcomes David Zemke, an industry veteran with 20 years of digital marketing experience including numerous campaign launches for major players in the gaming sector. Most recently, he served as VP of Business Development at deltaDNA.

“We’re excited for David to join our team. He has the exact experience and skills needed to support the tremendous uptake that we are seeing with FAA,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “We wanted to reach marketers who were interested in unbiased measurement tools but also were sensitive to pricing due to budget constraints. By offering a free version of our product, we see FAA as a way to both assist smaller app developers in their growth and also prepare them for eventual transition to our enterprise platform.”

Unique mobile needs; rich measurement features

In today’s world, customers are everywhere, and tracking their journey or behavior on mobile can be difficult. The goal of Kochava is to develop tools that simplify mobile marketing. Through FAA, marketers can compile, run and measure activity throughout their entire campaign lifecycle. The platform allows for discovery of new networks based on filters such as geo, region, creative type, pricing and more.

Other rich features to leverage include lookalike modeling, tailored audiences and predefined segments, which are accessed seamlessly through FAA along with integrations of all the major platforms including Facebook, Snap, Google, Twitter and other top DSPs.

“Clients using Free App Analytics® on our network are driving impressive performance thanks to the deep insight which it provides,” said Nancy Roberts, GM of Glispa North America. “Configurable settings, including reliable network postbacks, the ability to have more control, and access to valuable data points makes FAA a powerful, out-of-the-box solution to meet their app analytics and attribution needs.”

Measurement capabilities top the charts with IdentityLink®, progressive reconciliation, data syndication and other critical features. In short, FAA users gain access to a set of incredibly powerful real-time tools that allow them to scale their campaigns starting on day one.

“Our work with hundreds of marketers makes it clear that access to deep, real-time data is a core component of a sophisticated mobile marketing strategy today,” said Omri Halamish, VP of Sales at ironSource. “FAA democratizes access to robust app analytics, giving any app developer the tools to measure campaign performance and optimize for ROI, helping push the entire industry forward.”

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