Case Study: Maximizing Retail Revenue Through Mobile Offers


A major retail chain was experiencing revenue decline at certain stores. The marketing team was tasked with using the brand’s mobile app to boost retail earnings.

The marketing team crafted a new mobile offer to give a 25% discount to shoppers who returned to the store to make another purchase within one week of a prior purchase. The shoppers would be sent one push message 24 hours after their purchase and a final reminder push 24 hours before their 7 days ended.

The team onboarded point-of-sale data from their customer relationship management (CRM) system into Kochava. Using Kochava IdentityLink®, rewards-member IDs with recent purchases were matched to the shoppers’ mobile devices through their in-app rewards registration event. The resulting segment of users was saved as an audience to Kochava Engagement, where a push message campaign was created for that audience with multiple segments. A/B/n multivariate testing was activated so that the message segment with the highest open rate was automatically prioritized to drive the best results.

The marketing team saw an impressive 14% push open rate, with 9% of rewards members converting on the special offer to drive $23K in additional retail sales. Based on the success of the campaign, they set up a permanent data feed from their CRM into Kochava and saved the dynamic audience segment for the automated, ongoing push message campaign.

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This use case is one example of the impact of Kochava solutions for advertisers. Kochava makes no guarantee of individual results.