We take pride in our “white glove” approach to meeting customer needs.  All Pay-per-Use Plus customers and beyond are paired with a dedicated Client Success Team. Pods are carefully designed to offer a holistic solution to customer support. Each Pod includes a Communication Lead, an Operations Lead and a Technical Lead. This structure ensures that customers get both the breadth and depth of support that they’ve come to expect from Kochava.

Your Client Success Team is well-versed in both Kochava technology and the mobile ecosystem. Your Client Success Team knows your apps, goals and account history to ensure that you are getting the most value out of Kochava with respect to your specific strategy. This personalized support coupled with industry-leading expertise and thought leadership helps maximize your success.

Each customer has a personalized email alias to address their Pod with a single message, as well as each Pod member’s individual email & phone to ensure that you can reach your team when you need them. With Kochava, your success is our success!

Excerpted from Backflip Studios case study

When questions come up for King, and invariably they do, he knows that the emails he sends will be received by four dedicated account managers, one of whom is likely available to help immediately.
King appreciates that each account manager is well-versed in Backflip Studios’ apps, goals and account history, which is particularly impressive, given the company’s number of games and unique approach.
“When I get a return email or a phone call, it’s not someone knowing nothing about my product and having to re-ask several questions,” King says. “We can just get right to the case. It’s almost like having your own concierge.”
And he’s found that those account managers take feedback seriously. So much so that several of his product feature suggestions have been implemented, including changes to the API, SDK and website.
“It’s the kind of experience King has come to expect” from Kochava.”
“At the end of the day, this is your job on the line,” King said of his choice of mobile attribution platforms. “This is what will determine the success of your product. If you don’t have a good attribution solution, you’re going to be quite limited in the amount of advertisement options and acquisition strategies you can implement. You want to have the full toolbox available. And that’s what Kochava provides.”

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