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Facebook & iOS 14

By August 31, 2020September 20th, 2021iOS 14 & SKAdNetwork, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Important information about advertising with Facebook.

Apple’s announcements at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) have caused a ripple effect through the digital advertising industry. The overriding change behind iOS 14 is the requirement for user consent which will release the IDFA for targeting and measurement. Last week, Facebook made an announcement on how this will affect advertising on its platform.

Kochava has been in close conversation with Facebook since Apple’s announcements at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and we’re taking the next steps to maximize our Facebook partnership for your benefit as an advertiser. 

Facebook has provided specific guidance related to advertisers who use a mobile measurement provider (MMP) that we wanted to share with you. 

For advertisers relying on MMPs

What’s the impact to advertisers using the Kochava SDK only?

For apps relying on the Kochava SDK to send App Events to Facebook, Facebook will support mobile app installs (MAI) and app event optimization (AEO). This support will require Kochava to integrate with Facebook’s SKAdNetwork API implementation. Kochava is working with Facebook to fast-track the required changes needed prior to the iOS 14 launch. 

What’s the impact to advertisers using the Kochava SDK and the latest Facebook SDK?

For apps that have both the Kochava SDK and the latest Facebook SDK, Facebook will support MAI. AEO will be supported based on specific technical requirements Kochava is incorporating based on Facebook specifications. 

IMPORTANT: Advertisers do not need to integrate the Facebook SDK to run SKAdNetwork campaigns with Facebook. The Kochava SDK will provide all necessary functionality to handle both MAI and AEO for your Facebook campaigns related to SKAdNetwork. 

Our team will be in close communication on any updated configurations advertisers will need to make within the Facebook Partner Configuration dashboard within Kochava. 

SKAdNetwork conversion bit protocols

Kochava is working closely with Facebook and other major ad platforms on conversion bit protocols and the best models to support maximum quality insight from the updateConversionValue(_:) function of SKAd. Read our recent announcement regarding Kochava support for the SKAdNetwork on behalf of our advertiser customers and what conversion models we will support. 

It is vitally important that advertisers choose only one partner to handle the setting of conversion bit protocols on their behalf. Kochava will be working closely with Facebook to ensure our mutual customers have the best guidance to make an informed decision about how they should configure their conversion model. 

Please visit our iOS 14 resource page for information and subscribe to ongoing updates and developments in this time of great change for the digital advertising industry.