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Kochava Announces Integration with Snapchat for SKAdNetwork Support

By February 19, 2021May 17th, 2021Blog, iOS 14 & SKAdNetwork, Press

Starting February 18, Kochava will be integrated with Snapchat Ads Manager for all advertisers for support of Apple’s SKAdNetwork, a requirement for measurement and attribution of iOS 14 ad campaigns. The integration is part of the ongoing strategic alliance with Snapchat to provide a seamless experience on their platform for advertisers.

Apps developers need to configure and test their new Snap App ID to ensure no disruption to measurement or scale for app acquisition iOS 14 campaigns on Snapchat. Moving forward, SKAdNetwork will be a requirement to access app goal-based bidding for iOS campaigns on Snapchat. Snapchat’s setup guide for SKAdNetwork can be found here. For details on how to create a Snapchat campaign on Kochava click here.

Kochava has also launched new initiatives to provide the needed support to successfully navigate this transition. These include a SKAdNetwork Certification Program from Kochava, which helps advertisers connect with SKAdNetwork-ready growth partners, a Guide to Maximizing Your iOS14 Efforts in 2021, and Maximizing Conversion Value Insights for Advertisers.

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