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Largest Network Publisher Integration

Kochava customers enjoy more than 2,600 certified network & publisher integrations including super publishers like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Google. Simply integrate your app with Kochava and begin running media on any integrated network the same day. Read More


Configurable Attribution

Configurable Attribution allows advertisers to optimize campaigns at the attribution level and manage the balance of attributed vs. unattributed users. View-Through Attribution empowers advertisers to track the true reach of their campaigns including the influencing power of every impression served to users; changing the industry’s paradigm of last-click attribution. Read More


Kochava Analytics

Kochava not only tracks attributions, it also tracks the lifetime value of the end user, giving you a complete view of the return on your investment (ROI) of your advertising spend and becoming your trusted source for all your mobile data. See More


Dedicated Account Management

We take pride in our “white glove” approach to meeting customer needs. Your Kochava account includes a dedicated account manager with expertise in both Kochava technology and the mobile ecosystem. Your Account Manager knows your apps, goals and account history to help maximize your success. Read More



SmartLink is a new Kochava tool that gives advertisers the power to auto-direct users to destinations based on factors like device platform, device operating system version, geography and even screen size. The SmartLink ensures that users land at the right destination and have the best possible experience. Read More


Traffic Verifier

Advertisers have a fraud abatement tool where they define specific criteria for campaign traffic and have a real-time feedback mechanism to understand the efficacy of their targeting based on traffic goals. Read More


Media Guide

The Kochava Media Guide is a one-stop-shop for advertisers to research supply sources from supply-side platforms (SSPs) to boutique publishers. The Media Guide is the answer to Advertisers’ quest to understand which traffic and audiences are not yet being accessed and what experience other advertisers have had with a given partner. Read More


It’s Your Data

We are an independent company with no other axe to grind or use for your data. We take your data privacy seriously. Your data is your data. We do not share it or sell it. We do not even mingle it in our database tables. Period. Read More


Data Science

The Kochava Data Science team provides supercharged insight into users’ behavior, habits, and traffic patterns. By mining vast amounts of data and using predictive analysis techniques the Data Science team can identify actionable insights into your business. Kochava Data Science powers Fraud Detection, Television Lift Attribution, and our game-changing Kochava Optimization Beacon.


Industry-Leading Reliability Accountability

Kochava has architected and invested in the best infrastructure to ensure industry leading click response times and that your data is always safe. Kochava guarantees 99.998% uptime. Read More


Track Real-World Events with iBeacons

Kochava iBeacon support is great news for advertisers! Now you can track location-based events within the Kochava dashboard and leverage the data to increase retention and lifetime value (LTV). Read More


Simple & Easy Integration

The Kochava integration model is simple and easy to implement, with a single SDK for attribution and out-of-the-box access to over 2,600 network integrations as well as server-to-server integration for cases where an SDK integration is not possible. Kochava features a flexible event model including auto-provisioning and JSON support for event data payloads.


Kochava Optimization Beacon®

The Kochava Optimization Beacon® is the next chapter in mobile measurement. With over 20,000 dynamic rules, 4 years of development, and 100,000 campaigns run, the Optimization Beacon® is your turn-key solution for campaign-level optimization. Supercharge your advertising strategy with Optimization Beacon®. Read More


Re-engage Your Valuable Users

The Kochava platform allows you to identify your existing high value users and trigger new targeted campaigns at the optimal moment when they naturally start to lag. Create, track and optimize a variety of new campaigns beyond your initial user acquisition campaign to increase the overall lifetime value (LTV) of your existing users. Read More


Cost Effective & Scalable

Kochava uses a performance-driven pricing model, ensuring that you pay only for success events. We scale with you. Monthly commitments with lower transactional costs ensure that as your traffic increases so does your ROI.


TV Lift Attribution

As mobile advertisers increasingly leverage TV ads, accurate measurement data is a challenge. Traditional TV measurement methodologies don’t offer the precision that sophisticated marketers have come to expect, and simply attributing all “organic” installs shortly following the ad is a coarse solution to the problem. Read More

Simply the Best

DIFFERENCE MAKERS Kochava Free App Analytics adjust AppsFlyer Tune
Data Retention Unlimited Unlimited 90 days 90 days 120 days
Official Network Integrations* 2,600 2,600 640 2,100 990
Client Support Dedicated Support Support Ticket Support Ticket Support Ticket Support Ticket
Row-Level Data Access Real-Time Real-Time Limited Limited
Business Intelligence Toolset Kochava Intelligence Add-on Limited Limited Tableau API
Scenario Testing What if? Add-on
Custom Audience Targeting Kochava Collective Kochava Collective
Media Planning Tool Media Guide Media Guide
Real-Time Fraud Abatement Traffic Verifier Add-on
Fraud Detection Methods 7 Methods 6 Methods 3 Methods 4 Methods 3 Methods



View-Through Attribution Configurable

Channel Attribution (Social Influencers, email, social, ect.) SmartLink SmartLink

TV Lift Attribution Incremental Lift Incremental Lift

Bulk Attribution

Tracker-Level Attribution Configuration

Fractional Attribution

Install Reprocessing Configurable

Customizable Attribution Waterfall Fingerprint Equalizer
Media Optimization Tech Optimization Beacon
Cross-Device Measurement Identity Linking Identity Linking

Ingest Historical Attribution Data Unlimited

Reporting Flexibility Customizable Customizable

Roles / Permissions Customizable Customizable Limited

The Basics**

Pricing Plan


Easy Upgrade

Enterprise Feature Completeness 100.00% 82.76% 44.83% 68.97% 58.62%

*Amazon, Pandora, Google, Twitter, Snapchat
**Deferred Deep Linking, Re-Targeting, Cohort Analysis, Real-Time, Speed & Reliability, Post-Install Events, Event Postbacks, Language Localization, Currency Localization, Server-to-Server, Security & Privacy, Event Association

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