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Maximize Your Deep Linking Strategy with SmartLinks™

Leverage multi-platform, omnichannel deep linking solutions to streamline user experiences.

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Omnichannel Deep Linking Support
Leverage SmartLinks for deep linking across any media channel, including email, social, web, SMS, push notifications, and even print & digital QR code applications!

Contextual Deep Linking Filters
Define user journeys and deep linking paths based on a variety of filters, including device platform, device type, device OS, and country.

Dynamic Deep Linking Destinations
Get users to the right destination every time with support for the App Store, Play Store, in-app deep links, App Clips, Instant Apps, and beyond.

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See how The Athletic uses deep linking powered by SmartLinks to master the art of personalization for its readers.

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Use SmartLinks Deep Linking for:

Use SmartLinks across both user acquisition (UA) and reengagement campaigns. SmartLinks deliver the ultimate flexibility to dictate the point of conversion when it comes to mobile and app deep linking. Choose installs, purchases, sessions and any other standard or custom key performance indicator (KPI) event. Attribution will only be awarded when the conditions you set are met.

Easily leverage SmartLinks with your paid media partners. Explore built-in SmartLinks integrations with the networks, DSPs and other ad platforms you use most. Cut out the headache of managing multiple links for different platforms and forever simplify your campaign management.

Capture the true impact of your owned/organic campaigns across email, social, .com and other non-paid channels. Marketers can easily create SmartLinks to track:

  • Calls-to-action in email campaigns
  • Banners, footers and interstitials on your own website
  • Owned social posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms
  • QR code scans on in-store signage
  • and much more!

Effectively measure and track engagement from influencer campaigns with SmartLinks. Create branded SmartLinks in the Kochava platform and send them to an influencer. They can then use that link in sponsored posts, social channels, or blogs to promote a brand. No matter where the influencer puts the link, click data is measured and attributed back to the campaign.

Turn your SmartLinks into quick response (QR) codes for use across in-store signage, consumer product goods (CPG), out-of-home (OOH)/digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and numerous other applications. Measure each scan in real time with attribution to down-funnel conversions.

See how you can use SmartLinks QR technology to measure direct responses from your TV advertising. Learn more about SmartLinks for TV.

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Drive your mobile website visitors toward mobile app adoption to increase customer stickiness and retention. SmartLinks can be leveraged for smart app banners, footers, interstitials, and other download app CTAs across your mobile website.

Even utilize SmartLinks to provide friction-free options for desktop website visitors to get your mobile app. Use a SmartLinks QR code that users can scan to be taken right to your app store product page, or use text-me-the-app functionality to have an app download link sent via SMS text message.

With smart platform detection, the user will be routed to the appropriate app store based on their mobile device. Measure every click and attribute down-funnel app installs and events to optimize your web-to-app conversion strategy.

Drive growth through SMS text messaging campaigns and use SmartLinks’ built-in platform detection to handle any mobile device type!

Users will be routed to the appropriate app store or in-app experience based on their device’s platform and OS.

OTT QR code

QR Codes + Deep Linking

Create high resolution QR codes for use across TV, print, digital, and other applications with deep linking to drive users to personalized experiences.

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Additional SmartLinks Deep Linking Features

Vanity Links

Increase brand awareness and trust with branded deep links and subdomains.

Custom Landing Pages

Design a brand-centric experience by deep linking users to a customized, branded landing page.

Web-to-App Journeys

Seamlessly deep link users from your mobile website into your app for increased retention & engagement.

Eliminate Barriers to Acquisition with App Clips and Instant Apps

Acquire precise attribution insights and conversions on your users journey from ad, to App Clip/Instant App, to full app install.

How it Works
App Clips/Instant Apps are lightweight versions of an app which enable a user to experience the app without downloading the full version. Instant Apps are Google’s form of App Clips that have been available since 2017.

Smartphone deep linking click

Link Click
Support seamless deep linking into the App Clip/Instant App and in-app routing.

deep linking with app clip or instant app on smart phone

App Clip/Instant App
Link your App Clip/Instant App to your full app.

Smartphone with apps

Full App
Support enhanced deferred deep linking on your full app installs.

App Clip & Instant App Features


Attribute all of your App Clip and Instant App activity back to omni-channel ad campaigns.


Track App Clip and Instant App activity that lead to full app installs to understand how acquisition performance is impacted.


Create an app group to bundle iOS apps or Android apps, allowing the creation of cross-platform SmartLinks™.


Pull reports to analyze user journey between App Clip/Instant App to full app download.

App Clips are routed by a Universal Link and Instant Apps by an App Link. Ensure your App Clip/Instant Apps links are integrated correctly by visiting the Universal Link/App Link support documentation or contact

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