The Balance Between Being Individualistic and Brand-Centric

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Each country expresses diverse traditional and cultural differences that need to be accounted for within the user experience between the customer and each touchpoint of Western Union. Money is personal, so understanding the various user journeys within each region is vital. Another hurdle is how to maintain brand integrity globally and unite all properties under one roof.

“Utilizing the data Kochava has on our customer base and their dashboard tools helps us optimize our apps across the globe.”

—Michael Reese, U.S. Digital Marketing Manager, Western Union


Implementing Kochava’s SDK into each of their apps allowed Western Union to access detailed event activity. Employing extensive row-level data, Western Union can splice each event by geo, device type, OS version, session count, etc. to provide full transparency into each regional app. Gaining this level of insight into volume and frequency within a particular market, helped to identify customer needs, and tailor specific products available within each app to improve the customer experience and product improvement.


Kochava’s robust user-level event data helped Western Union walk in their customer’s shoes by providing product navigation insight and market viability across the globe.

“It’s nice being able to problem-solve with a partner who has the time and willingness to help us succeed, and that’s all you want in a partner to help you reach your end goals.”

—Michael Reese, U.S. Digital Marketing Manager, Western Union

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