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Automate Your Migration to TikTok’s New SAN Integration

By July 26, 2023February 14th, 2024News & Updates 6 Min Read

Seamless cutover to TikTok’s self-attributing network configuration

UPDATE | February 14, 2024

Deadline for Auto-Migration Opt Out Is March 7, 2024

The timeline for TikTok’s migration to their new self-attributing network (SAN) integration is coming to a close. TikTok aims to have all advertisers using the new SAN integration by March 20, 2024.

Kochava previously introduced a seamless account migration process to provide you with an easy transition to the new and improved TikTok integration. We will automatically provision any remaining campaign configurations onto the new SAN integration on March 11, 2024. While you can manually create these new configurations before this date, the automated migration will be completed for all advertisers who choose not to opt out.

How to Opt Out
To opt out of automated migration, simply email the following message to your Kochava client success manager or no later than March 7, 2024:

I would like to be excluded from TikTok’s auto-migration from the traditional tracker and postback configuration to the new self-attributing integration configuration.

Original Post

Kochava is introducing a seamless account migration process to provide marketers with an easy transition from TikTok’s current integration to their new and improved self-attributing network (SAN) integration. Auto-provisioning of campaign configurations is slated for September 5, 2023. While marketers can create these new configurations manually before this date, this auto-migration will be available for all advertisers who choose to opt in.

Opting in is highly recommended

In order to ensure a smooth transition and provide you with the latest TikTok features and enhancements, TikTok and the Kochava Integrations team are requesting that all clients participate in this automated account migration process. By opting in, you will also have exclusive access to new TikTok features as they’re released.

How to Opt In

To opt in to the automated migration, please email the message below to your Kochava client success manager or to no later than September 1, 2023:

I would like to be included in TikTok’s auto-migration from the traditional tracker and postback configuration to the new, self-attributing integration configuration.

Keep in mind that, with prior approval from your TikTok account representative, you can make these configuration changes sooner on your own. If you choose to self-configure, please DO NOT pause your TikTok campaign(s), as the cutover of your campaigns to flow through the new integration will be handled programmatically by TikTok.

What you can expect

Please note that once the configurations are auto-provisioned, this does not immediately transition attribution on your campaigns to the new network integration. This is a separate step and will be managed progressively by TikTok at a later date; you will be notified at least one week before this happens for your app(s).

Once Kochava begins to receive attribution claims on your TikTok campaigns from the new TikTok SAN integration, you’ll see the data displayed in our dashboard under the network name “TikTok for Business – SAN” as opposed to “TikTok for Business – Android” or “TikTok for Business – iOS”. In addition, this will also reflect in any third-party BI or reporting tools you may be using; please ensure that your external reporting integrations are updated to account for this network name change.

Please note that your account will not be automatically migrated unless you opt in. If you choose not to participate, your current TikTok integration settings will remain active. However,  subject to TikTok’s discretion, you will not have access to the enhanced features and improvements offered by the new integration until you migrate.

Got questions?

Should you encounter any issues or have questions during this migration process, both TikTok and Kochava support teams will be ready to provide prompt assistance.

Don’t hesitate to connect with your client success manager or email