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Boost Your Deep Linking Strategy with the Power of SmartLinks™

By February 28, 2020August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

Announcing Kochava’s latest enhancements to SmartLinks.

SmartLinks just got smarter

Kochava SmartLinks have long been a valuable tool for marketers to measure click-through conversions against acquisition campaigns via owned media channels like email, social, mobile web, and more. One powerful link has been capable of detecting the user’s platform and deep linking them to the appropriate app store or web-based destination, with full support for deferred deep linking when the target app wasn’t installed. 

In a fresh round of exciting enhancements, SmartLinks now sport a host of added capabilities. These include: 

  • SmartLinks integrations for use with DSPs, networks and other paid media partners,  allowing marketers to leverage SmartLinks beyond owned media.
  • Full support for tracking of reengagement campaigns with customizable conversion goals based on app open, registration, purchase or any other custom event. 
  • Impression tracking for view-through attribution on acquisition campaigns.
  • Smoother Universal Link and App Link routing without interstitial landing pages. Plus, built-in tracking for full-funnel attribution on Universal Links and App Links.
  • Enhanced SmartLinks creation and management functionality, with support for agency partner access
  • Extended platform detection and routing support to include Internet of Things (IoT) devices (Roku, Android TV, VR gear, PlayStation, and beyond.)
  • And much more. 

Applying SmartLinks 

With the overwhelming amount of ads and content available online, marketers need to create a positive and seamless user experience. SmartLinks are perfect for acquisition and reengagement campaigns across any channel. Whether your campaign begins as an owned one through email, social feeds, or a web banner, or as a paid display campaign with an ad network, you can measure users from ad view through the click and down the funnel to conversion—all with SmartLinks.

Learn more about SmartLinks and request a demo here

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