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Change is Coming to Facebook’s Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) Program

By August 3, 2021August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

Kochava will help advertisers navigate new restrictions for click-through conversion data

Facebook has announced the upcoming deprecation of the Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program. We would like to offer some perspective and help provide clarity on the impacts to mobile measurement partners (MMPs) and the advertisers who utilize them.  

What’s happening to the AMM program?

On October 29th, 2021 the AMM program will be deprecated. The purpose of the program was to give end-advertisers conditional access to measurement data on click-through conversions driven by their Facebook Ads campaigns. Facebook is deprecating this program in the Fall, such that advertisers will only receive aggregated reporting for measurement purposes. 

Why is Facebook making this change?

Facebook sees this as an important step in evolving alongside the advertising industry. Facebook is exploring a new experience to meet the needs of advertisers and their partners. Facebook has advised that further updates on what we can all expect moving forward will be available by late September. 

What does this change mean for advertisers?

After October 29th, only aggregated conversion reporting will be available for measurement purposes. If you presently run reports and ingest device-level, click-through conversion data or have it sent via custom postbacks to your internal systems for performance measurement, be aware that this will no longer be an option. 

What does this change mean for mobile measurement partners (MMPs)?

The Kochava integration with Facebook will continue to operate as it does today. Kochava will still receive row-level data from Facebook to support measurement reporting. The primary impact of these changes is the requirement to restrict measurement reporting to our mutual clients in aggregate-only formats. 

How can Kochava help advertisers navigate this change?

As an MMP, Kochava sits in a unique position to help advertisers make sense of their Facebook campaign performance. Our expert in-house data analysts have long been helping our clients extract actionable insights from their omni-channel campaign data. This function will now become even more important. Expect further updates moving forward on how we will enhance our tools and continue to help our clients achieve maximum return on ad spend from their Facebook efforts. 

Got questions?

You will likely be receiving direct messaging from Facebook regarding this change. If you have further questions, please contact your Facebook account representative. You may also reach out to your client success manager or email

Further updates will be provided as Facebook releases additional details on these changes.