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Tear up your tracking sheets and forget about individually preregistering events. Event tracking with Kochava is easy, unlimited and requires no setup for our servers.

Tracking is an important part of understanding user engagement, conversion rates and attribution. With Kochava dynamic event registration, marketers can send unlimited, custom, post-install events in addition to 12 standard ones.

To track events, we know that developers have to overcome multiple hurdles. They might have to coordinate among teams, manage event tracking sheets, preregister and test event tokens in the SDK. And, they may be working with teams in another country where language and time zones can be troublesome.

Our system reduces the points of failure by eliminating the need for preregistration. With Kochava, simply start sending events (e.g., purchase, registration, level reached, goblins killed, etc.). Our servers are designed to automatically recognize new events. There is no server-side setup required, which gives developers flexibility in configuring the Kochava SDK or server-to-server integration with their own post-install event structure and naming convention. Once configured, marketers can access event information from anywhere in the UI: Web SDK, Analytics, Reporting, Query, etc.

Dynamic Event registration

Best practice for event tracking

Marketers should identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) for their apps and track those events as they happen. For greater insight, include up to 16 dimensions of related metadata collected with events, for example, search terms, account ids, and other relevant contextual items. In Analytics, select from the filters menu to view events and associated metadata. Then use the data to create audience cohorts for future retargeting.

One common method used by our clients to avoid future SDK changes is to configure more events than they immediately need. Then, they easily toggle these events on and off tracking for specific events in the UI and avoid resubmitting the app to the App Store every time they want to add a new event.

Dynamic event registration is easy

Tracking post-install events is important and Kochava makes it easy. Whether you want to start by tracking standard events or create and manage custom ones, we’ve got you covered. For more information, contact your account manager or see our support documentation.