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Google Play Install Referrer to Help Marketers With Facebook’s AMM Program Deprecation

By October 8, 2021August 18th, 2022News & Updates 3 Min Read

Get campaign metadata on Facebook App Ads directing to Google Play Store     

As previously reported, Facebook will deprecate its Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) program on October 29, 2021. Under this program, mobile measurement partners (MMPs) provided certain granular campaign data on click-through conversions to advertisers who had accepted AMM terms. From October 29 onward, advertisers will only be able to access aggregate summary reporting on their Facebook campaigns within MMP dashboards once their campaigns achieve certain minimum volume thresholds. However, for Facebook App Ads directing to the Google Play Store, Facebook campaign metadata will be securely accessible by utilizing Google Play Install Referrer. Upon successful completion of testing, this new mechanism is expected to become more widely available to Facebook advertisers.

How Google Play Install Referrer will provide Facebook campaign metadata

For app ads campaigns that drive app installs in the Google Play Store, Facebook campaign metadata will be passed within utm_source. This campaign metadata will then be available for retrieval via the Google Play Install Referrer API. It’s important to note that this UTM source data will only be provided for click-through conversions. View-through conversion data will not be available. 

How Kochava will support this mechanism for advertisers

Kochava is already fully integrated to support the Google Play Install Referrer API. This means that any UTM source data is captured and ingested into Kochava’s reporting data model. As this program becomes more widely available, Kochava is working to add new elements to the Partner Configuration module, which will allow Kochava to work with the secure campaign metadata. Additional information and documentation on these updates will be forthcoming once this mechanism is more widely available. 

Overcoming reporting challenges facing marketers

Mobile marketers face more challenges than ever in analyzing their marketing performance data. Gone are the days of a single measurement data model with real-time, row-level conversion detail across omni-channel media partners. Marketers must sift through a combination of real-time detailed reporting, delayed and aggregated SKAdNetwork reporting on iOS campaigns, and redacted campaign details when running with super publishers that act as self-attributing networks (SANs). Kochava is dedicated to delivering marketers a unified data model that incorporates all of these disparate layers into one actionable reporting model. 

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