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Yesterday, Google announced view-through tracking of Google Ads (formerly AdWords), giving marketers an added perspective of how their ads fared. Because of our long-standing integration with the search engine giant, Kochava is fully prepared to support view-through conversions and look forward to what the launch produces in the coming weeks. Kochava has been working with Google Ads on supporting view-through conversions as these provide key additional insight into the user journey.

Measuring the impact of views and impressions is a key part of a marketer’s overall evaluation of how their ad spend dollars generate reach. With the pervasiveness of video, the ability to track these ads, in addition to static ones, is instrumental. Marketers must discern which ads have the most value in terms of engaging a user and subsequently converting them especially as more content becomes viewable.

Because Google is a fundamental partner for many clients, having view-through attribution available on the Kochava platform arms marketers with the ability to further distinguish how impressions are working for their brand.

For more information on the importance of view-through attribution, and how Kochava can help ensure you’re getting the right signal from your media partners, check out our recent blog post from Director of Client Analytics, Grant Simmons.