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With industry-leading click response times, Kochava sets a high bar for mobile attribution & analytics companies.  Read the article below or check it out on Venturebeat here.



From the wilds of Idaho, Kochava chief Charles Manning has issued a colossal challenge to his numerous U.S. competitors.

A mobile click-off!

“At the end of the day, the most important thing is the click,” Manning told VentureBeat.

“I want everyone in the space,” Manning declared, “to go head to head with us and see who has the fastest clicks.”

Kochava, of course, is a mobile analytics and attribution firm with a rapidly growing roster of Fortune 500 companies and established IT operators. It employs 28, is hiring more, and is, according to Manning, growing at 30 percent year-over-year.

Clicking comes natural to the laser-focused Manning, who boasts his three-year-old startup has the fastest click times in the growing mobile space, which has helped propel customer growth over 200 percent from last year. Manning is nothing if not confident, and data released by Kochava this week bear him out.

Kochava, Manning said, has increased its transaction volume by a whopping 250 percent for its tier-one brand customers, has killer click response times, and boasts that third-party sources have validated transaction times as twice as fast of any of their competitors, namely HasOffers in Seattle.

Declaring that he is “infatuated with data,” Manning challenged his numerous competitors who occupy a growing niche segment of the mobile space by helping clients run the most effective mobile ad campaigns possible.

“As we head into the second half of 2014, publishers are flocking to Kochava, making us their preferred measurement technology because of our reputation for market-leading visualization, the broadest volume, and the easiest technology approach for integration with ad networks,” Manning said.

Manning’s press release put it this way:

“Kochava customers have enjoyed 99.998 percent uptime in 2014, demonstrating the company’s enterprise-grade availability in support of its industry-leading response times. Kochava’s investment in the best infrastructure for mobile app measurement gives customers the peace of mind that their tracking data is reliable and accurate, breeding unparalleled customer confidence, loyalty, and growth.”

Manning declined to say what kind of revenues Kochava was pulling in but told VentureBeat the company is profitable and has been bootstrapped since the outset.

The mobile space is wide open, and major companies see mobile as the prime outlet to sell their products. The space was worth about $18 billion last year, according to analysts, and is expected to grow to $34 billion by the time the candles are blown out at the end of 2014.

HasOffers chief Peter Hamilton, a man always up for a mobile challenge, did not respond by press time.

Manning said no matter. The contest is open and ready to commence.

“It’s going to be a battle.”