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Kochava and Facebook Align for SKAdNetwork Support

By December 16, 2020August 18th, 2022iOS 14 & SKAdNetwork, News & Updates 4 Min Read

Kochava is proud to announce alignment with Facebook on the growing need for SKAdNetwork support. Since Apple’s announcement in June on iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT), the entire adtech ecosystem has been working to identify and implement potential solutions to be fully prepared once the changes are in effect in early 2021.

Kochava has also recently rolled out new initiatives to provide the needed support to successfully navigate this transition. These include a SKAdNetwork Certification Program from Kochava, which helps advertisers connect with SKAdNetwork-ready growth partners, a Guide to Maximizing Your iOS14 Efforts in 2021, and Maximizing Conversion Value Insights for Advertisers.

Facebook has updated its original October 29th developer blog, with additional important detailed developments. We have also provided a detailed list of next steps below:

Supporting advertisers who work with Mobile Measurement Partners:

  • Update: Facebook is committed to supporting businesses to minimize disruption caused by the Apple iOS 14 changes, and continuing to partner with our mobile measurement partners (MMP) to support third-party measurement. As part of our efforts, we continue to work closely with MMPs to solve for limitations with the SKAdNetwork (SKAN) API conversion bits, which are shared between platforms. This collaboration has led to the formulation of a methodology with MMPs to enable advertisers to uniformly apply measurement across platforms using SKAN conversion bits. We have shared this methodology with all our MMPs so that clients can utilize the Facebook or MMP SDK for ads delivery, optimization, and measurement on Apple’s SKAN.

Our SKAN integration with MMPs focuses on the following advertiser benefits:

  • Ensure SKAN conversions make sense. Advertisers relying on SKAN should use SKAN conversion bits as a global variable across platforms to ensure that attribution results rely on uniform conversion bit schemas to understand measurement goals
  • Flexible measurement/conversion bit tools. Advertisers can set their measurement goals/conversion bits using either Facebook or an MMP interface
  • SDK parity. Advertisers can continue to rely on the FB or MMP SDK or both to ensure ads delivery, optimization, and measurement on FB for iOS 14
  • Consolidated third-party reporting. Advertisers can review SKAN attributions to FB on MMP dashboards

It’s important to note that SKAdNetwork has meaningful differences in the speed and level of granularity with which attribution is performed relative to our attribution models that many app advertisers have come to rely on. Platforms working with SKAdNetwork and not with MMPs put app advertisers at risk of unintelligible cross-platform measurement on SKAdNetwork due to the risk of conversion bit collisions.

Facebook and Kochava are taking a leadership role in doing what’s best for the advertiser/app ecosystem. Recognizing there will be reporting limitations driven by the SKAdNetwork framework, we’ve integrated with Facebook to ensure that ad performance will be impacted as little as possible.

For more information, contact your Client Success Manager.