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Kochava has made product changes that will benefit marketers using Google’s app campaigns, which enable them to reach consumers across Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and the Google Display Network, using a single campaign type.

With the announcement of Kochava as an App Attribution Partner with Google, marketers will have a new way to track and manage their app campaigns. The new integration will drastically reduce the complexity and setup time of campaigns and allow marketers to run them in just a few simple steps.

“Having had the great privilege to work with the Google team for over five years running, I can unconditionally state that the new API capabilities provide a whole other level of transparency,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. “These new product enhancements didn’t just raise the bar, they redefine the meaning of transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. Hats off to Google for their genuine commitment to supporting third-party measurement throughout the product line.”

Marketers can soon leverage the power of the new measurement capabilities on all of their AdWords app campaigns, including:

  • Simplified tracker setup
  • Property-specific reporting segmentation
  • Supports Re-engagement Attribution
  • One-step postback configuration

Never before has there been a better and more reliable way to measure and ensure consistent ad performance data from Google.