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Mobile attribution and analytics pioneer eliminates the cost barrier for emerging apps seeking campaign measurement and analytics with Free App Analytics® and announces new Kochava Intelligence features

SANDPOINT, Idaho – September 13, 2016 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company, today announced Free App Analytics®, a cost-free version of the award-winning Kochava campaign measurement and optimization platform. With Free App Analytics® powered by Kochava, advertisers have access to the analytic tools the pros use to measure, analyze and optimize campaigns across 2,400 global ad networks, including Facebook, Google, Pandora, Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat. In concert with the announcement of Free App Analytics®, the company also introduced Kochava Intelligence, adding new advanced capabilities to the Kochava Enterprise platform for the most sophisticated marketers.

Kochava has earned a reputation in the mobile ad tech industry as the most innovative and feature-rich solution, providing highly granular, real-time, actionable campaign insight for the largest advertisers in the world. Servicing gaming, media, travel, retail and other verticals, Kochava is the trusted provider of unbiased, actionable intelligence for billions of dollars in marketing campaigns globally.

Free App Analytics® eliminates the cost hurdle without sacrificing the basic features emerging mobile marketers require
In today’s hypercompetitive and complex mobile marketing ecosystem, app developers simply cannot afford to fly blind. Free App Analytics® removes the cost barrier and gives all app developers access to the most advanced measurement and analytics platform in the world. While Free App Analytics® includes the basic features for marketers of emerging apps, tier-1 features required for advertisers that scale are only available in Kochava Enterprise with a zero-impact migration from Free App Analytics® to Kochava Enterprise. Free App Analytics® provides the ability to start measurement today without the risk of changing vendors and tools in the future – providing peace of mind for the app development community.

“Mobile marketing is a complex business, and there is no shortage of providers and solutions claiming to give you the edge over the competition with their proprietary tools,” said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava. “Through Free App Analytics®, we are able to make the Kochava platform available to a wider audience, especially those who are learning the mechanics and reacting to the dynamics involved in the mobile marketing ecosystem for the first time. This release changes the rules of engagement across the ecosystem by giving the advertiser total transparency, control and access to the metrics they need to measure and react to be successful in the space – all without the cost typically associated with this level of information and precision.”

Free App Analytics® provides advertisers with a rich suite of features unique to the Kochava platform, including Media Guide, a comprehensive global index of thousands of integrated ad networks allowing discovery, filtering and selection to match an advertiser’s audience preferences. Post-install event tracking gives advertisers insight to user actions that are meaningful and relevant to their key performance indicators, and the platform’s real-time analytics provide unparalleled capability for row-level cohort and segment creation based on unlimited customizable criteria.

With Free App Analytics®, real-time, device-level reporting allows advertisers to view which networks are driving the highest quality users based on selected criteria. They can then leverage the power of Media Guide to find and engage with comparable networks likely to provide equivalent performance. Once users are acquired, Free App Analytics® provides precise measurement of in-app events and drill-down tools for advertisers to define a specific cohort of users.

Kochava Intelligence

New Kochava Intelligence features meet the demands of the most sophisticated mobile marketers
Kochava Intelligence is a new suite of business intelligence tools for understanding app audiences and optimizing app performance. Made up of two new reporting systems: “Query” and “What if?,” Kochava Intelligence was developed in response to the real-time nature of mobile device attribution and the associated demands of instantaneous signaling from impressions served, clicks and installs, in order to identify the specific network, site or campaign that triggered a user behavior.

With Query, app developers and advertisers are provided out-of-the-box SQL functionality with access to all row-level data in Kochava. Kochava users can manipulate, collide and mash together data to gain insight on traffic and user behavior. App developers can even combine all of their apps together in unified queries within the dashboard for total account (cross-app) analysis.

“We have effectively implemented the equivalent of the most powerful business intelligence team directly within the Kochava dashboard,” said Manning. “Whether you’re a SQL wizard and want to perform your own real-time analysis or prefer to use a rich set of predefined queries, including fraud-detection and row-level installs matching to impressions, Query gives you the most dynamic access, storage and management of your data imaginable all in real time.”

Kochava created What if? to address the common question, did I have the right marketing mix? All advertisers wonder if they are deploying ad spend in the most efficient and effective manner, if they are duplicating or overlapping a target audience, or what would happen if they doubled ad spend on one particular network or eliminated another. Implementation of the What if? tool allows advertisers to drive a virtual time machine, instrumenting the replay of their historical traffic to confirm what changes to their campaign strategy would have had on user acquisition and conversion rates. Using What if?, Kochava customers can now test these questions and others in an experimental environment and then apply the results to their campaign strategy to optimize their user acquisition and conversion rates.

“The power of What if? gives advertisers the ability to modify their original reconciliation settings and give alternate consideration or hypothetical weighting to influencing networks,” added Manning. “With this tool, Kochava has eliminated the third rail and risk for any chief revenue officer and their team.”

Advertisers and app developers ready to get the most from their mobile marketing efforts can sign up today for Free App Analytics® at and existing Kochava customers can begin using the new Kochava Intelligence tools, Query and What if? immediately to further optimize their campaigns.