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Kochava & Comscore Bring Outcomes Measurement to Linear TV

By May 8, 2024News & Updates 6 Min Read

Industry-first solution announced at 2024 IAB NewFronts

Charles Manning and Steve BagdasarianCharles Manning, Founder and CEO of Kochava, joined Steve Bagdasarian, CCO of Comscore, onstage at 2024 IAB NewFronts to announce an industry-first solution that brings outcomes measurement to linear TV. The presentation, “Driving Brand Marketing ROI Across All Screens and Formats,” unpacked how these adtech leaders will bring clarity to measurement across the full gamut of screens for modern media buyers.

While cord cutting continues as a trend, eMarketer predicts that more than $56 billion will still be flowing to linear TV by 2027. With so many dollars continuing to be invested in this channel, Kochava and Comscore will make it possible for linear to be measured more like digital performance marketing. Marketers will be able to understand how their linear ad buys drive real-world outcomes they care about.

What Outcomes Can Be Measured for Linear TV?

Primary outcomes that advertisers are interested in measuring include:

  • App installs and in-app events across mobile and connected TV
  • Website visits and activity
  • Brick-and-mortar footfall visitation
  • Episodic tune-in
  • Merchant-level consumer purchase activity
  • And more

Kochava stresses that outcomes can be whatever the advertiser cares most about driving the consumer to do. With Kochava’s history since 2011 as one of the first mobile measurement partners (MMPs), much of its heritage has focused on mobile app engagement. Today, however, Kochava helps marketers connect the dots across a variety of omnichannel media campaigns and an entire spectrum of conversion outcomes—both online and offline.

Charles Manning onstage with Comscore at 2024 IAB NewFronts

How the Kochava + Comscore Solution Works

Speaking on the IAB NewFronts stage, Charles Manning clarified that outcomes measurement for linear TV is made possible by Kochava combining:

  • Conversion and campaign data provided by the brand or advertiser
  • Comscore’s Exact Commercial Ratings® (ECR) data feed
  • Kochava’s proprietary modeling methodologies

The measurements are privacy-first—not relying on user-level data, cookies, or mobile ad IDs—and provide insights on incremental lift in conversion outcomes afforded by a linear TV campaign.

Manning shared an example of a recent measurement provided for a major sports company that ran a linear TV ad buy during this year’s Super Bowl. The advertiser, interested in driving outcomes on their mobile apps, observed lift in key user engagements:

  • 6.1% for app installs
  • 11.5% for registrations
  • 15.8% for purchases

Drawing the Line With Linear TV

In closing, both Bagdasarian and Manning stressed that this solution is industry-first. It solves significant barriers that marketers on both the brand and performance sides of the house have historically faced with linear TV—the inability to showcase true return on investment. This solution empowers advertisers to think about linear in a “performance” mindset, enabling optimization alongside digital budgets. With the integrations Kochava and Comscore have already built, getting started with this new solution is easy.

Continue the Conversation

Connect with the Kochava team for more information about outcomes measurement for your linear TV campaigns. To download a copy of the presentation given onstage at 2024 IAB NewFronts, please click here.

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