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Amazon Web ServicesIn the latest enhancement to its robust reporting suite, Kochava now offers measurement clients the option of delivering reports directly into a custom Amazon S3 Bucket. This provides direct deposit of Kochava reports into a client’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) data warehouse – removing the need to make API calls to retrieve reporting data or manage the import to AWS.

A default S3 Bucket can easily be set at the app level. The option also exists to override the default with a custom Amazon S3 Bucket on an individual report basis. Clients need only provide the bucket name and region, AWS access key and secret key to complete the linking.

Kochava clients enjoy unprecedented, long-term access to their holistic measurement data. Data can be exported directly from the platform interface via a robust application programming interface (API) and/or through real-time postbacks. This empowers clients to syndicate their data to internal warehouses, business intelligence (BI) tools and other data management systems.

Relevant support documentation (here).