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Mobile attribution and analytics pioneer, Kochava, brings multi-touch attribution to bot world; extends the scope of universal measurement platform across connected devices

SANDPOINT, Idaho – April 14, 2016 – Kochava (, the mobile attribution, analytics and optimization company, today announced comprehensive measurement support for Chatbots. Chatbots let people message with businesses the way they would message with a friend, and as brands explore Chatbots as a new tool to drive customer interaction, Kochava is the first to provide tracking and measurement at scale for this emerging digital marketing channel.

Kochava already supports hundreds of the world’s top brands in the measurement and optimization of their digital campaigns. Many of these brands are exploring the benefits of expanding beyond their native mobile apps to reach new audiences, acquire new users, and increase brand interaction and loyalty by tapping into the emerging channel of Chatbots. These brands are creating mobile-first interactive ad campaigns to distribute personalized content experiences across instant messaging applications, and Kochava is providing an open framework for measurement across any bot infrastructure.

“As we explore how bots can interact with consumers, and brands begin to create chat-optimized ad campaigns at scale, Kochava is ready with a universal platform to track and measure interaction across multiple channels and devices, giving brands a truly comprehensive view of their customer’s engagement,” said Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “Whether a consumer is interacting with a brand via an installed mobile app, a Chatbot, mobile coupons, through desktop mobile web, or some alternate channel, Kochava is the universal measurement platform across all connected devices that brands can rely on to track, measure, and optimize that interaction.”

Leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, combined with human help, people are able to talk to Chatbots in the same way they would message or talk with a friend, providing a rich channel for brand interaction. From within Facebook Messenger, a new search bar at the top of the screen will help people discover bots. More than 25 companies are using Chatbots in Messenger to start, including Walt Disney Co., eBay Inc., JetBlue Airways Corp., and News Corp’s The Wall Street Journal. In Facebook Messenger, brands can now run “Sponsored Messages” ad campaigns to customers who have voluntarily started a Chatbot conversation with them, or they can buy “Click to Message” News Feed ads to entice potential customers to start a conversation with their Chatbot. With 900 million registered users of Facebook Messenger alone, advertisers globally are rushing to tap into this emerging channel.

“While app downloads have some level of friction, engagement with a Chatbot within a messaging app that you already have installed is close to friction-free,” says Manning. “Mobile apps have been fantastic for brands as a channel to connect with customers and Chatbots are simply the most recent engagement channel with the opportunity to reduce friction even further. Brands want and need to measure every customer touchpoint and what better circumstance to measure if Chatbots are indeed accelerating interaction and reducing friction.”

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