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Kochava Supports Huawei’s Open Advertising ID (OAID)

By December 16, 2019August 18th, 2022News & Updates, Product Updates 2 Min Read

Huawei’s Open Advertising ID (OAID) supports advertising solutions that have tracking, monetization, security, personalization, and advertising identifier benefits for advertisers and marketers alike. Kochava now supports brands across the globe for their marketing attribution, measurement, personalization, and campaign optimization.

As Huawei device share in foreign markets continues to grow, support for the OAID empowers brands to precisely target and personalize user experiences, while maintaining privacy.

What is Huawei OAID?

The OAID is a non-permanent device identifier that helps advertisers to identify unique users. OAID assists third-party advertising platforms in delivering personalized ads and third-party monitoring platforms for seamless ad conversions, as ads are directed to the right users.

The benefits of OAID for advertisers include: 

  •     Tracking user activity
  •     Conducting conversion attribution analysis
  •     Protecting user data and privacy
  •     Personalizing ads
  •     Monetizing apps on the advertising platform
  •     Access to data analytics and insights

For more information about Kochava support for the Huwaei OAID, contact us today.