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Kochava Welcomes Admitad as New Authorized Agency Partner

By June 3, 2024June 4th, 2024Press 3 Min Read

Alignment underscores the importance of data-driven decisions for outcomes-based results

Through this partnership, Admitad gains comprehensive training and access to Kochava’s real-time data solutions for omnichannel attribution and measurement. Admitad partners can leverage Kochava’s platform to optimize their spend and strategy for performance marketing with robust data analytics, fraud prevention, and marketing mix modeling (MMM).

A Shared Vision of Performance and Results

This alignment is a natural fit. Both companies share the same approach to marketing: offering tangible results and insights for businesses, so they can make data-driven decisions that maximize ROI. This partnership strengthens Admitad’s value proposition as a performance marketing solution that delivers real outcomes, not just impressions. Leveraging Kochava’s powerful attribution engine and analytics, Admitad can better serve its partners with actionable intelligence to drive growth.

“Admitad’s partnership with Kochava enhances our capability to equip clients with a comprehensive array of marketing tools and insights, allowing for precise measurement and smarter budgeting. By integrating Kochava’s broad spectrum of channels and fraud prevention systems, we ensure that our partners don’t just spend on marketing—they invest in measurable success.” — Anna Gidirim, CEO of Admitad.

How do you become a Kochava Authorized Partner?

If you’re an agency interested in becoming a Kochava Authorized Partner, please contact us today. The process involves a series of educational Discovery Sessions on various topics, including:

  • Measurement & Attribution*
  • Fraud Prevention
  • User Engagement
  • Deep Linking
  • iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Identity Solutions
  • MediaLift™
  • OTT and CTV

*Measurement & Attribution session required, plus two additional sessions selected by the agency.

Once agencies become a Kochava Authorized Partner, they will be listed as such in the Kochava Media Index, the largest advertising database in the world.

For more details, or to enroll in the Authorized Partner Program, visit