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Kochava Authorized Partner Program for Agencies

Leading advertising agencies partner with Kochava to help marketers achieve maximum success.

The Kochava Authorized Agency Partner Program establishes relationships with leading advertising agencies worldwide—educating their teams on utilizing the Kochava Marketers Operating System® (m/OS) to its full potential on behalf of the brands they serve.

To become Authorized Partners, agencies embark on a series of educational Discovery Sessions covering several or all of the following topics:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • User Engagement
  • Deep Linking
  • Measurement & Attribution
  • Apple Search Ads
  • iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork
  • Identity Solutions
  • MediaLift™
  • OTT and CTV

*Measurement & Attribution session required, plus two additional sessions selected by the agency.

Are you an agency interested in becoming a Kochava Authorized Partner? Contact us today.

Benefits to Agencies

Kochava is a leading provider of omni-channel measurement and attribution, serving the largest enterprise brands in the world across every industry vertical.

Joining the ranks of Kochava Authorized Agency Partners competitively positions your agency as a preferred choice for advertisers who trust Kochava for their measurement and attribution needs.

Authorized Partners Receive

Official Authorized Partner badging for website, email signatures, and other deliverables

Authorized Agency Partner listing in the Kochava Media Index

Co-branded Kochava marketing materials packet

What Agency Partners are Saying

Benefits to Marketers

Are you a marketer looking for an agency to help take your omni-channel strategy to the next level?

look for the badge

Kochava Authorized Partners have invested time to educate their teams on the key tenets of measurement & attribution science, along with an understanding of the capabilities & tools necessary to drive meaningful customer engagement and growth.

Browse and connect with Authorized Agency Partners via the Media Index.

Complete the form below to connect with the administration team for Kochava’s Authorized Agency Partner Program.