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Appalgo Joins Forces with Kochava as New Authorized Partner

By April 10, 2023January 16th, 2024News & Updates 6 Min Read

Maximizing mobile app success with Appalgo and Kochava

The mobile app industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and trends emerging daily. Keeping up with these changes can be a daunting task for app developers and marketers. Fortunately, there are companies dedicated to making this process easier. Kochava, a leading provider of real-time data solutions for omni-channel attribution and measurement, is one such company.

Recently, Kochava has partnered with Appalgo, a performance marketing agency, and programmatic platform. This partnership integrates the strengths of both companies to provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services for app developers and marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of the partnership and the benefits it offers the mobile app industry.

Kochava’s leading industry expertise in ad fraud

In this partnership, Kochava provides Appalgo with its expertise and advanced mobile app measurement and fraud prevention technology. With access to Kochava’s platform, Appalgo can now deliver even more accurate and actionable insights to its clients, including comprehensive install tracking, in-app event tracking, and advanced technologies such as machine learning and big data analytics for fraud prevention. Kochava’s expertise in this area was demonstrated by its success in helping Uber recover millions from an ad fraud scheme.

Appalgo’s secret sauce for enhanced performance

Appalgo is the ultimate performance marketing agency and programmatic platform powered by data, combining bold creative pinpoint audiences for results that make an impact. Their mission is to help ambitious developers and brands acquire the users they need while reaching their goals at the same time. By simplifying and maximizing user acquisition (UA) targets, Appalgo enables clients to focus on strategic decision-making and achieve explosive growth. Appalgo’s activities consist of two main elements including their agency services, as well as programmatic media buying. 

Appalgo offers a range of agency services for mobile apps, web, and desktop products, including:

  • Performance UA
  • Creative Studio
  • Branding Development
  • Transparency
  • Cost + Agency Fee Model

Ad inventory is acquired across pay-per-click, social, and native advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Taboola, Outbrain, and more. They deliver targeted ads that acquire users across multiple channels, reaching a wider audience with incredible impact.

 Appalgo’s second activity is focusing on programmatic media buying – performance-based user acquisition for mobile apps, optimizing every step in the funnel, including CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA and post-install events and targets. But what truly sets Appalgo apart is their unwavering commitment to their clients. Their partnerships with leading exchanges ensure clients get both quality and quantity. With Appalgo, clients can rest assured that their user acquisition needs are in the best possible hands.

What do mobile app developers and marketers gain from this partnership?

The partnership between Kochava and Appalgo offers numerous benefits for mobile app developers and marketers. With Kochava’s expertise in real-time data solutions and advanced technologies for omni-channel attribution and measurement, combined with Appalgo’s dynamic performance-driven UA solutions, clients have a comprehensive toolset to ensure success for their products. Advertisers can access actionable insights and leverage Kochava’s fraud prevention solutions to protect their investments and deliver trustworthy ad experiences to consumers. With the support of Appalgo and Kochava’s industry-leading technology and expertise, mobile app developers and marketers can confidently and safely achieve their goals.

How do you become a Kochava Authorized Partner?

If you’re an agency interested in becoming a Kochava Authorized Partner, please contact us today. The process involves a series of educational Discovery Sessions on various topics, including:

  • Measurement & Attribution*
  • Fraud Prevention
  • User Engagement
  • Deep Linking
  • iOS 14.5+ and SKAdNetwork
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Identity Solutions
  • MediaLift™
  • OTT and CTV

*Measurement & Attribution session required, plus two additional sessions selected by the agency. Once agencies become a Kochava Authorized Partner, they will be listed as such in the Kochava Media Index, the largest advertising database in the world.