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Kochava’s Predictions for Top Tech Trends in 2024

By December 19, 2023News & Updates 6 Min Read

‘Twas the Night Before Techmas: 2024 Tech Predictions

It’s the night before Techmas, and as tech leaders settle down for a long winter’s nap, visions of the year to come dance in their heads. As you cozy up with your smart blanket and tell your voice assistant to dim the lights, here are a few predictions to ponder from Kochava’s experts as you wait for the year to come — the future is looking bright!

Charles Manning, Founder & CEO, Kochava
Digital marketing trends that will define 2024

“We believe that the advertising industry will be one of the first at-scale impacted industries through the use of AI and related models. LLM’s are now well known across verticals as being an assist for text, image, and now video-based creations, but much of it is consumer-facing novelty.”

“2024 will be marked as the year that AI, applied to advertising efforts, using privacy-safe models that are trained on first-party data, will be the difference maker on activating and optimizing winning advertising campaigns. Kochava is incorporating AI into our own SaaS stack to apply AI in each of the modules and offerings we deliver which is transforming the way marketers plan, target, activate, measure, optimize and re-target their campaigns.”

Ethan Lewis, CTO, Kochava
Key trends in disruptive technologies for business innovation in 2024

“Enhancing developer experiences, leveraging AI for intelligent applications, democratizing access to advanced technologies, and adapting to regulatory changes in the app store landscape, will fundamentally help organizations rapidly transform and improve their business.”

“Shifts from procedural features to AI-driven predictions and recommendations, tailoring apps to users and advancing data-driven decision-making, will transform the experience for customers, users, product owners, architects, and developers.”

Mark Kellogg, Senior Product Manager, Kochava
The direction of measurement in 2024

“The inclusion of LLM’s into products will rapidly increase productivity, delivery and speed to market, impacting every component of the tech stack from creative assets management to performance and outcomes reporting. The trick will be capturing and maintaining attention with so much noise being introduced into the market.”

“Decreasing the availability of granular, device level data that is shareable between developers/service providers will continue to emphasize the importance of 1st party data collection and proper usage. The opportunity will be in the co-mingling of these 1p datasets together in either sophisticated aggregations or DCR-esque technologies. There are currently several DCR solutions, but I predict progress toward consolidation around only a couple.”

Grant Simmons, VP, Kochava Foundry
The future of the mobile adtech ecosystem in 2024

“There’s an underlying trend on major ecosystem platforms: a movement towards enhancing user privacy. Apple has taken a more direct approach, putting users in the driver’s seat, by asking users for consent. Google is pursuing a more gradual and less disruptive path for its advertising ecosystem. They are looking to phase out third-party cookies and identifiers while introducing new tools that balance user privacy with advertisers’ needs.

“For advertisers, this means adapting to a world where user consent and privacy-preserving methods of advertising are paramount. The success of mobile acquisition strategies will increasingly depend on the ability to respect user privacy choices while providing value and relevance in advertising.”

Gary Danks, GM, AIM by Kochava
DIgital marketing trends on the rise into 2024

“In 2024 where data privacy is rapidly evolving and creating more signal loss, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) emerges as a critical tool for marketers. Unlike traditional Touch Attribution models, MMM exceeds the limitations of user-level data analysis, aligning perfectly with a privacy-first ecosystem. It offers a holistic view of the marketing landscape, interweaving all channels to provide a comprehensive picture of investment returns. This advanced approach empowers marketers with a wealth of insights for more strategic, informed decision-making.”

“What sets MMM apart is its ability to dissect the entire marketing mix, assigning precise value to each component’s influence on the final sale. This nuanced understanding surpasses the traditional models, which often credit 100% value to a single touchpoint. This probabilistic approach to measurement offers strategic insights, ensuring that every media investment decision is backed by robust, data-driven intelligence. In 2024, MMM is not just an option; it’s an imperative for forward-thinking marketers aiming to stay ahead in a privacy-centric, ever-evolving marketplace.”

Hamilton Radcliffe, GM, Search Ads Maven by Kochava
The path forward with automation + AI

“AI-driven ASO solutions have already demonstrated an ability to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a successful campaign. As mobile continues to dominate the digital space, tools like these will become increasingly critical for marketers looking to maximize return on investment.”

“The future of winning in app store optimization is a creative combination of the ASO AI and transparent, exceedingly configurable automation. It’s going to make marketers more efficient and help them see the data more clearly, quickly coming up with creative ideas that work.”