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Meta is Improving App Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM)

By May 17, 2023August 31st, 2023News & Updates 8 Min Read

What marketers need to know about AEM updates and Kochava support

Starting April 17th, 2023, Meta is releasing improvements to App Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM).

AEM helps Meta recover limited measurement of in-app conversions from people using iOS 14.5 and later devices, and is currently available for the following types of campaigns when the destination is set to a mobile app: sales campaigns with catalog turned on or off, lead campaigns, and engagement campaigns. Learn more about AEM in Meta’s documentation

What’s changing with AEM?

There are two primary improvements that Meta is focusing on for AEM. 

Expanding supported campaign types

App AEM has long been limited to just ‘Product Catalog Sales’ campaigns. The new improvements will see AEM become available for all campaign types that are focused on: 

  • Sales
  • Leads and engagement with app conversion locations
  • Optimization of app events

⚠️ Cross-Channel Optimization Campaigns are currently ineligible for AEM.

Expanding supported event counts

The current limit of only eight (8) events for App AEM campaigns will no longer apply. Advertisers won’t have to prioritize or configure their events within Events Manager for App AEM campaigns and will have the option to optimize on more than eight events.

How to take advantage of these updates

Kochava had updated our Meta/Facebook integration to support clients that wish to leverage the improved functionality for their mobile app engagement (MAE) campaigns. In addition to the general integration update, advertisers will have to ensure the following conditions are true for their iOS app(s):

  • You have the _deeplink event implemented and enabled. See related support documentation.
    • This allows for the capture of the Facebook campaign ID from the deep link URI when a Meta ad drives a user into your app.
  • Your Kochava post-install event postback configurations for the Facebook/Meta integration have the DELIVERY METHOD drop-down field set to send “All” conversion events (rather than “Network Only”) for re-engagement campaigns which are passing the “campaign_ids” parameter.
Kochava post-install event postback configurations

Q: What does it mean to send all conversion events?

A: In order to ensure optimal system performance, advertisers will need to send all conversion events. This includes events associated with users that haven’t provided ATT permission, in which case Meta limits processing of those events to Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM).

Other frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: If I also use the Facebook SDK for iOS, what should I do to enable App AEM?

A : If you’re using both the Kochava iOS SDK, and the Facebook SDK for your iOS app(s) you can pass the events in your app campaigns through either method. Events will be deduplicated, and you do not have to choose a preferred method.

Q: How is Kochava integrating App AEM campaigns into reporting?

A: As part of this update, we are now receiving certain Campaign IDs via a deep link event and passing them to Facebook. The reengagement conversions from AEM will surface in the Facebook Insights dashboard, since this data is only available from the Facebook Insights API.

Q: Is App AEM a part of SKAdNetwork?

A: No, it should be considered a distinct form of measurement via Meta’s own privacy enhancing technology and reported separately from SKAdNetwork data.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about App AEM, please contact your Meta account manager. For Kochava-related questions, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or email

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